Where To Buy Kendall Jenner's Retro Glasses

by Alexa Tucker

Gone are the days of the "four eyes" insult — lucky for the optically challenged of the world, specs are cool now. Smart, sassy, and sexy, there's nothing wrong with forgoing contacts for their old-school counterpart. Kendall Jenner is a firm believer in that. If you've been wondering where to buy Kendall Jenner's glasses, you are not alone. The trendsetting model went retro with a pair everyone's been lusting after now.

This isn't the first time Jenner has sported an envy-inducing pair of glasses while out and about. Her round tortoiseshell frames had everyone running to their optometrist for a check-up when she wore them out and about in New York City last month. Her latest specs are from the same brand, in fact, so it looks like the world's got a new It eyewear label. Could Garrett Leight be the new Ray-Bans?

They've certainly got a knack for giving retro glasses a cool new life— while Kendall's pair are reminiscent of something my old-school British grandfather would wear, I'm kind of dying to borrow them now. They're classic and edgy at the same time. Kinda like Kendall, right?

Here she is wearing them at a signing in Paris for Harper's Bazaar: Models with BFF Gigi Hadid.

She Instagrammed a pic of herself, too, captioned "creepin." Me too, Kendall.

If you're dying for a new pair of specs, they're already on sale on the site. I'm obsessing over the perfect gold hue of Kendall's, but they also come in a slate gray color. Here are the cool glasses:

Garrett Leight Palms opticals in gold-butterscotch, $310,

If you're not down to drop three-hundo on a new pair of glasses, though, here are three lookalike pairs.


More square than Kendall's, but just as retro.

(Aviator Zeiss vintage gold glasses, $32.41,

Yellow Gold

These glasses have a brighter pop of gold.

(Ray Ban RX 6049 glasses, $92,

Brushed Metal

The hue's not as vibrant, but these specs still make a statement.

(Flint glasses, $64,

Images: Garrett Leight; Courtesy of brands