Kendall Jenner Just Wore The Best Glasses

When it comes to back to school style, this outfit completely nailed it. Kendall Jenner wore glasses while out in New York, and I think it might be my favorite accessory she's ever worn. While her high-waisted jeans and cropped turtleneck were completely chic, the piece that pulled the entire look together was the pair of round-frame glasses. But, wait a second, does Jenner even need glasses? Like, you know with prescription?

Even if she doesn’t, I’m totally on board with her wearing them all the time because they looked amazing on her. This isn’t the first time she’s been seen in glasses. She was spotted wearing them while touring the Louvre (because who wouldn’t want to see that art as well as they possibly could?) and also a few years back while wandering around in New York. Maybe she just wants to take in all that the Big Apple has to offer?

As for whether or not she really needs the spectacles to improve her vision, she did tweet about needing to wear glasses back in 2011. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to this mystery, but honestly, I’m fine with her doing whatever she wants because prescription or no, she looks great.

She's working this vintage vibe.

I've got to get a pair of these for myself. If you're feeling the same way, here are some comparable frames to shop.

1. Ray-Ban Round Frames

Ray-Ban RX2447V, $169,

2. Kensington Road Frames

Kensington Road Wrap Frames, $99,

3. Half Frames

SEE 2223, $349, SEE Eyewear

4. Metal Frames

John Lennon Wheels Eyeglasses , $123, Frames Direct

5. Muse Charleston Frames

Muse Charleston Frames, $89, Glasses USA

Channel your inner Jenner and wear some round frames (whether you need them or not) with your next fall outfit.

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)