Where Would 'Gilmore Girls' Characters Be Now? Lorelai, Rory, Lane, Luke, & Everyone Else Are Probably Doing Well

As Gilmore Girls celebrates its 15th anniversary, it's time to cue up the series on Netflix and appreciate all the amazing people we got acquainted with in Stars Hollow. In addition to Rory and Lorelai, the show was home to folks like Luke, Taylor, Lane, and — of course — the weirdness that was Kirk. So, where would the Gilmore Girls characters be now? I imagine Taylor would still calling the shots as town selectman in Stars Hollow, Sookie and Jackson's kids probably have play-dates with Luke and Lorelai's, and Kirk would still be super quirky.

Earlier this year, the cast of Gilmore Girls reunited at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, and several of the actors shared where they thought their characters would be now. Scott Patterson, who played diner-owner Luke Danes, said he sees Luke and Lorelai actually leaving Stars Hollow (gasp!). "Luke has closed up shop and moved to a Lake," he told the crowd. "He closed Luke's Diner and now has a bait and tackle shop and Lorelai is coming out for a fishing lesson." Liz Torres predicted that her character Miss Patty would rule Stars Hollow: "I always thought Miss Patty would end up running for mayor of Stars Hollow and winning, and she wouldn't know what she was doing."

Here's where I think the Gilmore Girls characters would be now.


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At the end of the series, Rory had gotten a job covering Barack Obama's (first) presidential campaign for an online magazine. I imagine she's achieved her dream of becoming a foreign correspondent (like Christiane Amanpour, above) for the online media outlet and she's traveling the world.


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I think Lorelai still runs the Dragonfly Inn, loves getting calls and postcards from Rory's adventures, and has had another child with Luke (who she married) — just like in that dream she had (above).


Despite the above prediction, I think Luke sticks around Stars Hollow, and still runs the diner with the cellphone ban, which he needs more than ever with smartphones everywhere. He might ease up a tiny bit, since he's so happy with Lorelai and their new family.


I imagine Paris is a brilliant doctor and lawyer. She ended the series not being able to decide between law and medical school, until she finally picked medical school. But who says she has to only do one? It's a long life and she's so driven that I bet she was able to do both and marry Doyle.


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I bet Logan is still living off his dad's wealth and continuing to invest in failing business ventures. He probably sunk some money into apps that went nowhere.


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Taylor would still be so Taylor — running town meetings, taking names, and getting up in everyone's business. I think he may even be mayor at this point.

Miss Patty

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She's still got all the juiciest gossip, because she runs the town's cellphone lost and found, so she secretly looks through the lost phones' text messages. Oh what her eyes have seen.

Sookie & Jackson

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Sookie and Jackson are still the cute happy couple we've known and loved with their kids: Davey, Martha, and their third child, with whom Sookie was pregnant at the end of the series. By now, the kids are probably running all over the kitchen and the Dragonfly. I wonder if they've met Lane's kids.


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I bet Lane's twins are now taking music lessons in Stars Hollow and she's absolutely loving it. Maybe they can be a duo?


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Oh, sweet Dean. I imagine he has remarried (after divorcing Lindsay) and he manages the market. He leads a quiet life with his family.


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Last time we saw this bad boy, he had written and published a novel. By now, I think he would've had a few more books under his belt, including a bestseller based on his time in a certain cozy Connecticut town where an unlikely romance blossoms between a sweet bookish girl and tough bad boy.

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