Kirk From 'Gilmore Girls' Is You When You're Awk

There were a lot of extremely lovable characters found within the Gilmore Girls cast. In fact, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find someone that you didn't like. (Well, other than Jason Stiles, of course.) However, amid all of the treasured Stars Hollow residents, I will always hold a special place in my heart for Sean Gunn's portrayal of Gilmore Girls favorite, Kirk Gleason. (And yes, that is his character's actual last name. I looked it up.) Throughout the years, Kirk proved to possess many hilarious quirks that you couldn't help but find endearing. And the number of jobs he went through on a weekly basis made me feel less stressed about my own career woes.

Yes, all-in-all, he proved to be a unique and vital addition to the series that I can't imagine ever being without. And, in an odd way, his overall awkwardness was actually his greatest strength and a big part of what made him so relatable among many different viewers. Because if we're all being completely honest with ourselves, there's a little bit of Kirk that can be found within all of us, especially during our most awkward phases in life. Basically, when it comes to embarrassing scenarios, Kirk is all of us. For example…

1. When You Realize You're The Fifth Wheel On A Double Date

Love life, meet rock bottom.

2. When A Joke Goes Completely Over Your Head

It's Friday. My mind is already in weekend mode.

3. Whenever You Try To Become More Active In Sports

Let's just say that your pride gets almost as bruised as your backside.

4. When You Simply Couldn't Stop Talking

Sometimes the nervous word vomit just can't be helped.

5. When You Wet The Bed At A Friend's Sleepover

Or, as you like to call it, the night your social life was forever changed.

6. When You Started Expressing Yourself Through Your Art

It's all about the craft, my friend. #actingonfleek

7. When You Don't Know The Lyrics To A Popular Song & Get Really Into The Dancing To Compensate

And just pray that no one notices.

It's OK. We're all a little Kirk-y sometimes.

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