11 Ways 'Mean Girls' Fans Should Celebrate October 3, Aka, National 'Mean Girls' Day

Every modern woman knows two important things: First, white is not an appropriate clothing choice after Labor Day, and second, October 3 is National Mean Girls Day. On this day, all of us dedicated Mean Girls fans throw on out most bedazzled pink attire, quote the film with reckless abandon, and celebrate the bonds of sisterhood and wondering what date it is.

For those wondering what makes October 3 so special, it's "just, like, the rules of feminism" to celebrate this day: Specifically, in the film, the third day of October is when resident hottie Aaron Samuels asked Cady the day's date. "On October 3rd," her voiceover dictated to the audience, "he asked me what day it was." When she replied to Aaron, "It's October 3rd," history was made — it is the day their love first sparked, and it is the day true love was born.

In actuality, everyday is Mean Girls day when one thinks about it, because Mean Girls is the answer to any question. It is the sum of all wisdom. What is this made of? "Your mom's chest hair." Is butter a carb? "Yes." Should I have another Pumpkin Spice Latte? "The limit does not exist." Mean Girls is flawless.

Eleven years ago, Tina Fey gifted the world with an epic foray into the psyche of teenage girls. To show my upmost gratitude and thanks for bringing "fetch" into my life, here 11 ways to celebrate Mean Girlsday to the best of your abilities:

Pull A Damien

Sometime, you want to go incognito, that's totally fine. Grab some blue sweatshirt and sunglasses — no one will recognize you. Even Regina George's mom herself, Amy Poehler, pulled a Damien at the 2015 Emmys! I see and understand your reference, Amy, and I applaud you.

Make "Fetch" Happen

Fetch is arguably the greatest word to enter girl world. We should all do our part and keep "fetch" alive.

Wear More Pink

The plastics taught us all many things, but most importantly, they taught us how to dress. You can't wear a tank top two days in a row, jeans and sweats are reserved for casual Fridays, and you may only wear a ponytail once a week. Also, on Wednesdays you wear pink. Follow these rules and high school domination will be yours.

Be More Like Glen Coco

The character Glen Coco may not have gotten a lot of screen time, but he has become an icon. We should all aspire to be more like Glen Coco. Take joy in the little things. Never give up on love. Best the best you, you can be. Four for you, Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco.

De-stress By Writing Your Frustrations Out

It is a proven fact that writing about your thoughts and feelings can significantly reduce stress levels. Science is supporting your innate desire to start a "burn book" for the stresses in your life, whether it be about school or work. Just — don't go all Regina George with your writing and start insulting people, because that is not something anyone should do. (Your math homework, though? Fair game.)

Watch A Danny DeVito Film

Damien is a truth speaker. Whether its praising the works of Christina Aguilera or figuring out why Gretchen's hair can hold so much volume, he's always right. So follow Damien's advice, Danny DeVito films are good — you should watch one.

Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You

If Regina George can forgive Cady for pushing her in front of a bus, you can forgive someone for stealing your parking spot outside of Chipotle.

Eat A Toaster Strudel

Celebrate the inventor of fetch by eating a Toaster Strudel. It would make Gretchen's father, the inventor of the toaster strudel, even richer.

Don't Let Haters Get You Down

In addition to spitting some super sick rhymes and being really really good at math, Kevin G. had some life advice we could all benefit from. So on this day, disregard the haters and follow your own path of awesomeness.

Figure Out Your Animal Kingdom-Themed Halloween Costume

Show your Mean Girls pride and dress as your favorite (read: sexiest) furry animal. You're a mouse — duh!

Learn More About Caesar

Who knew the tale of Julius Caesar could be so relatable? Gretchen is totally right, we should all just stab Caesar! Or, you could learn more about Ancient Rome. That seems like a way less violent but equally great way to celebrate Mean Girls.

There's a 30 percent chance Mean Girls is already the greatest film ever made.

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