Black Bear In Alaska Eats Kayak In Hilarious Video, As Kayak Owner Tries In Vain To Convince It To Stop

There's nothing like the great outdoors — though sometimes they aren't quite so great. Like, for instance, when a bear decides to eat your kayak. That's what happened to one woman who videotaped her encounter with a black bear in Alaska, one who seemed to take issue with her kayak.

According to the description on the video, which was posted on Sept. 29, Mary Maley was on a solo kayak trip between Ketchikan and Petersburg, Ala., a distance that totals over 100 miles. She stopped at a U.S. Forest Service cabin in Berg Bay and had just taken all her food and gear into the cabin to dry when she got an unexpected visitor: a black bear. Maley had her bear spray, which she uses in the video to keep the bear away, but when the bear turned its attention to her kayak — her only means of transport — there wasn't much she could do.

Fortunately, Maley was able to swim out to the boat that can be seen in the video anchored in the bay, which then brought her and her supplies back to nearby Wrangell. From there she was able to get home safe and sound — unlike, sadly, her mangled kayak.

It goes to show, when mother nature wants to wreck your stuff, no amount of pleading, ordering, reasoning, or polite asking will stop her.

Instead, this is what happens:

First You See The Bear

But at least it's leaving your only means of transportation alone.

Then You Bear Spray The Bear

You give the bear fair warning, true, but bears don't speak English so it doesn't do much good.

Then The Bear Decides To Eat Your Kayak

And nothing you can say will stop it. But it is rather hilarious to listen to her try.

The video, which you can find below, has since gone viral, and Maley, who uploaded the video herself, seems to be taking gracefully to Internet fame.

Wherever you are, hungry black bear, we hope that you found something better to eat!

Mary Maley on YouTube

Images: Mary Maley/YouTube