Will Maisie Williams Star In 'Pacific Rim 2'? There's Every Reason To Believe It Could Happen

If you're a fan of big screen action films, no doubt Pacific Rim is probably one of your favorites. The Guillermo del Toro-directed science fiction monster movie was a massive box office hit when it was released back in 2013, and for good reason: it was awesome. Not only were the special effects incredible, but the all-star cast — which included the likes of Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, and Charlie Day — gave stellar performances. It's no wonder, then, that a sequel was ordered not long after the original film's release. While production has since been halted, Universal Pictures has promised that it will eventually happen, and when it does, del Toro knows exactly which Game of Thrones actress he'd like to cast. That's right: he wants Maisie Williams to star in Pacific Rim 2 .

It seems that del Toro came to this (great) casting conclusion after meeting Williams during a recent lunch date, which isn't at all surprising since she's totally badass and a great actress, to boot. He shared his love for the real life Arya Stark on Twitter, which is a great way to get a message out, but also complete torture for those of us now who will be desperate for this to become real life.

Can you imagine anything better than Maisie Williams getting her own Jaeger? I don't think so. The great thing is that this isn't completely unrealistic. Sure, Pacific Rim 2 might still never happen — despite what Universal says, I remain cautiously hopeful, yet still skeptical — but if it does, there's every reason to believe that Williams might want to take part. After all, it'd certainly be a different role to any she's done before, as well as challenging in an entirely new way. Plus, she'd get to work with del Toro, one of the most well-respected and accomplished directors going. So why not?

There's also every chance that Williams may have even already been offered a role in Pacific Rim 2. Why did she and del Toro have lunch together, then? I suppose Hollywood types have casual meals together rather often, but I have a feeling they may be cooking up a professional collaboration, and if so, I'm certainly not against it.