HAIM Wants To Bring Back Lilith Fair & These 7 Artists Would Be Perfect In The Line-Up

Make room for this sister act on your fall playlists. Sister band HAIM is in the midst of opening up for Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour, where you might have caught them teaming up with Swift and Nelly for a rendition of "Hot in Herre," and they're quickly gaining some much-deserved fame. If you missed them on tour, though, don't fret — HAIM wants to bring back Lilith Fair, the female-led festival that was huge in the '90s and got a brief, issue-plagued revival in 2010. Here's hoping the group gets their wish, because a return of the festival might be a fantastic idea.

Speaking with music critic Kelefa Sanneh at the New Yorker Festival this past Friday, the sisters opened up about the lack of female presence at music festivals recently, especially since the end of the Lilith Fair. Oldest sister Este said:

“We talk about this all the time, how there aren’t enough female-represented bands and artists at festivals. You don’t see them. And it’s really sad for us. We came up with the idea basically of why can’t we just bring back a festival that’s just ladies. Not that we don’t love the boys. Love the men.”

Este went on to name artists like Chvrches, Lorde, Florence & the Machine, Taylor Swift, and their mentor Jenny Lewis as potential people to have on a Lilith line-up. Clearly, this revival needs to happen. So it only makes sense to take the next step by creating a "real" line-up of some of the fiercest female musicians in the music industry today who'd be perfect for the festival. With so much talent, it was hard to narrow it down, but here are seven artists that should accompany HAIM in a potential revival of Lilith Fair.

1) Lorde

DisclosureVEVO on YouTube

Taken straight from HAIM's list, there's no reason why Lorde should not be in this dream line-up. At the ripe age of 16, she became one of the most recognizable voices on the radio, and has only grown more talented and popular as the years have gone by. With talent basically oozing out of her pores, it's no real surprise.

2) Beyoncé

Beyoncé on YouTube

She's Queen B for a reason. If anyone knows how to put on a good show, it's this woman. Do you even need any more convincing than that?

3) Tori Kelly

ToriKellyVEVO on YouTube

Strong vocals? Check. Good stage presence? Check. Pure, raw, musical talent? Triple check. She meets my criteria — does she meet yours?

4) Taylor Swift

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

It's a no brainer that Taylor Swift is one of the most powerful women in music today. HAIM included them in her list for a reason — the festival would not be complete without her.



Most of you are probably unfamiliar with this indie pop duo powered by the female vocalist Liz Nistico, but their sound is exactly what you need at a music festival to have everyone dancing. Their album The Shape of Brat Pop to Come is filled with enough sass and girl power to last a lifetime. Their music and sound is infectious!


ChvrchesVEVO on YouTube

With a new album just released, the hype for this Scottish electronic band is real, and they deserve it. Lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry always knows how to deliver a good vocal performance.

7) Madonna


Who said you can't have more than one female icon at a music festival? Madonna performing all of her greatest hits and some of her current ones would do the trick of rounding out this killer line-up.

The women of HAIM have a good idea brewing. The revival of Lilith Fair or putting on a similar, all-female festival would not only bring attention to powerful female forces of the music industry, but also help showcase some lesser known talent on a bigger stage. Let's make this happen.