The Celebs Came Out For Amber Rose's SlutWalk

by Keertana Sastry

It may not be too known just yet, but the SlutWalk is an incredibly strong, feminist movement aimed at supporting and honoring women. For those who aren't familiar, the SlutWalk is a transnational yearly event that first began in Canada in 2011, in which women, often dressed in stereotypically "slutty" outfits, walk to protest rape culture. It began after a Toronto police officer stated that women should "avoid dressing like sluts" as a way to try and combat harassment, assault and rape, and in the years since, it's gained fame and supporters. One of the most prominent faces of the movement, model Amber Rose, held her own SlutWalk in Los Angeles on Saturday. It's a huge step for feminism in mainstream culture, and thankfully, celebrities are supporting the movement and Rose's mission.

Rose is no stranger to public slut-shaming, thanks to a 2015 interview by Kanye West stating that he had to "take 30 showers" after dating Rose, before he could date his now-wife Kim Kardashian. Shortly after, Rose's now ex-husband Wiz Khalifa shamed her for stripping when she was younger in a diss track released in March. Impressively, she held her head high amid the criticism; in September, Rose starred in a Funny Or Die video highlighting the idiocy of the "walk of shame" terminology that, she feels, just slut-shames women once more.

Rose's cause has gained many supporters, including some celebrities. While there doesn't appear to have been droves of stars showing up at the SlutWalk in Los Angeles, several celebs showed their support in other ways. Nicki Minaj donated $5000 to the SlutWalk campaign online, for example, and Rose's "Walk of No Shame" video co-star Matt McGorry not only appeared at the SlutWalk, but brought a few friends along. He even spoke to the crowd about his support for the cause and about women's rights.

Joining McGorry at the event were fellow actors Michelle Trachtenberg, Kendrick Sampson (who co-stars with McGorry on How To Get Away With Murder) and Zelda Williams (daughter of the late Robin Williams).

TV Host Janet Mock from MSNBC also attended the event to interview those who were walking with Rose. She spoke with McGorry as well as celebrity bloggers like Gabifresh and models like plus-size model Tess Holliday, who, during the event, spoke about her own history with sexual assault and rape.

It's great to see these celebs supporting Rose, and hopefully, more and more celebrities will actively speak out for women's issues and rights. It's important to have people in the public eye talking about a woman's right to her own body and her sexual freedoms in order to spread awareness and enact change. It's always the right time for more conversations about women's rights, and events like the SlutWalk just make that need so much more apparent.