10 Worst Golden Globe-Nominated Movies From the Past 25 Years

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Did any of the 2014 Golden Globes nominations irk you? Did you find yourself yelling "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!" at your monitor? Did you wail "WHAT IS 2013/2014'S DAMAGE?!" while shaking your fist at the sky? Did you gnash your teeth and spit at the ground? Chill, my friend. It's time for some perspective. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has nominated some baaaad movies over the years. 2014's got NOTHIN' on the past few decades.

What's that? You want a list? A list of the worst Golden Globes-nominated movies from the past 25 years or so? You've come to the right place.

If bad movies being nominated for awards pisses you off, maaaaybe you should avoid this list. I'd hate for it to stir up all of your crappy movie rage/cause you to gnash your teeth. You've been warned. But perhaps you are like me and you love it when terrible movies receive any sort of recognition because terrible movies are your lifeblood. Then you will totally feel at home with this list. It might even inspire you to re-watch these works of fart (typo, but it's staying). You may want to set up 10 separate television sets so that you can watch all of the movies at the same time. Or maybe, you'll just watch Death Becomes Her on all 10 of those TV sets. I wouldn't judge that move.

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