'Game Of Thrones' Dany & Khal Drogo Reunite & It'll Make You So Nostalgic For Season 1 — PHOTOS

Although many couples have come and gone over the course of Game of Thrones ' five seasons so far, a few past romances have stayed ingrained in fans' memories for reasons good or bad: Tyrion and Shae; Jon and Ygritte; Sansa and Joffrey; and, of course, Daenerys and Khal Drogo. The pair may not have lasted for long, but what an impression they made; there's a reason Emilia Clarke is one of Thrones' biggest breakouts and Jason Momoa is set to suit up as Aquaman. So to see that Dany and Drogo reunited recently — well, their actors Clarke and Momoa reunited, that is — is not only totally adorable (that hug!) but hugely satisfying for Thrones fans to see.

After all, it's been a long four seasons since Drogo left the show thanks to a festering wound, some blood magic, and suffocation at the hands of his well-meaning wife (it's Thrones, OK? No one goes out pleasantly). The show has since added countless actors to its cast and produced some seriously epic episodes of TV, but the Khal's absence is still deeply felt, all these years later. It's not that Dany needs a man by her side as she conquers the Seven Kingdoms one city at a time, of course; as anyone who's faced her wrath (or that of her dragons) can attest, she's doing just fine on her own. But Drogo was a great character, and his presence on Thrones is missed every episode.

So that's why it's so exciting to see that Clarke and Momoa are apparently still close in real life, and that Clarke documented their reunion for all of us eager fans to see. Captioned — perfectly, I might add — "Well I guess the sun rises in the west and sets in the east then huh? Paris fashion week just kicked off....!" the photo shows the actors in a happy, adorable, embrace. The hashtags only make it better. Clearly, these two are deserving of a #bestdresseddothraki award if there ever was one.

Could this reunion get any better?! Actually, yes — Momoa's own Instagram has even more photos of the two hanging out, and they just add to the Season 1 nostalgia factor like crazy. First, there's this cute one of his "Khaleesi," Clarke:

Then, there's this silly shot of the two being very unlike their Thrones characters — aka, goofing off.

And then this final photo that might have the best caption of all:

Drogo as a dragon? It's not quite as good as Momoa being on the show in person, but hey, I'll take it. Here's hoping David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are keeping busy in the Thrones off-season (like there actually is one) and scrolling through Instagram, because this amazing reunion better give them ideas for Thrones Season 6 — or at least, a bonus feature on the DVD. Is that too much to ask?

Images: HBO; Emilia_Clarke/Instagram; Prideofgypsies/Instagram (3)