The Price Of The Sword? On 'Once Upon A Time' Emma Might Have To Give Up True Love

Oh no. Brace yourselves, Captain Swan 'shippers. Emma and Killian are most certainly sailing into rocky territory, and we should start preparing ourselves for the worst. Right now, it looks as if Emma is going to have to make a choice, again, between doing what she's got to do, and her heart. What's the price that Emma's going to have to pay for the sword in the stone, and what does it mean for her and Killian?

In the season premiere of Once Upon A Time, we learned that the bottom of Excalibur is MIA. Where is it? Leading a double-life as the Dark One's dagger. In Sunday's episode, "The Price" Emma herself learned that she's got the bottom half of the sword, and can make it whole again. In order to do this, she's got to get the sword out of the stone. But, remember how all magic comes with a price? Pulling the sword out of the stone also comes with a price.

According to Rumple — and Dark One Rumple, not Unconscious Rumple currently in the pawn shop — Emma needs a hero to pull the sword out for her, because she can't do it herself. Here's where Killian might come in. Here's where we can all start getting nervous. In the promo for next week's episode, Killian asks Emma if she needs anything, and then they talk about trust and love, all things that happen before Captain Swan breaks our hearts.

As we know, Killian will do anything for Emma. Anything. Remember the Season 4 finale, where he died for her? It was only an alternate reality, sure, but he died. He'd do it again. He'd also break everything off with her, if that's what she needed, because that's how much he loves her.

From a conversation with Belle, Killian know that Rumple chose power over love. Bet anything he's going to try and stop Emma from making that same choice — but it might come with a price. A huge price. AND remember how in the season premiere, young Emma was told not to pull the sword out of the stone, and that it would be a huge mistake? She already knows she shouldn't do it, but the Dark One might not care about that. All of this adds up to the fact that we should be very worried about Killian. This could be the end of Captain Swan... or maybe even Hook himself.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC