How To Stream ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Online So You’re Not Left Out Of The Loop On Mondays

October is finally here, and while to some, that means a chill in the air and pumpkin flavored everything, to me it only means one thing: The Walking Dead premiere. We have a lot to look forward to this season, like tons of zombies (as usual) and plenty more of Rick Grimes being a total badass. I mean, he shaved his beard and is causing straight-up chaos in Alexandria. Based on where we left off, you won't want to miss a single episode. That means that if your Sunday nights are usually stacked or spent away from a TV, you'll want to stream The Walking Dead Season 6. Don't believe me? Let me just briefly run through what happened just in the Season 5 finale alone.

Let’s see. Rick shot Jessie’s abusive husband Pete because Pete killed Deanna’s husband Reg. Right as that happened, Morgan was walking into Alexandria, saw the shot fired, and just said, "Rick?" Boom. End scene. Earlier in the episode, Nicholas and Glenn got into a fight, during which Glenn almost killed the Alexandria resident — which I wouldn't have minded, since Nicholas is the reason Noah is dead. Sasha was last seen laying on a pile of walker corpses before almost killing Gabriel. Luckily for the priest, Maggie talked Sasha out of it, and they all prayed together. Finally, at the very, very end, after the reappearance of Morgan, a man in a red poncho walked past a car with the words “wolves not far” painted on it.

Seriously, you do not want to miss this season, and I’m here to tell you how you can watch it.


If you miss it or there is no more room on your DVR, you can always go to OnDemand. It should be available to watch the same night it’s on. You have to watch commercials, but there are worse things in the world.


You can pay $42.99 to get every episode of the new season in HD the night it comes out on iTunes. Seems pricy, but if you don’t have cable and want to watch The Walking Dead , then that’s an easy way to pay for it. Especially if you have an Apple TV. Also, if you get the entire season in standard definition, you only have to pay $30.99. Who needs high def anyways? If you pay per episode instead, it's $2.99 for HD or $1.99 for SD.

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Find A Friend

There has to be a friend in your life who still has cable and enjoys zombies. Buy them some booze and crash at their place on Sundays for the show. Everyone loves a good viewing party, and The Walking Dead is one of those shows you can easily catch someone up on. “Rick Grimes is the leader, they’re in a zombie apocalypse, everyone outside of Rick’s group is pretty dumb, Daryl Dixon is perfect." Done.


A Season 6 pass on Amazon in HD is going for $41.99, while a SD season pass is $26.99. That means that in a season of 16 episodes, you’re only paying $1.68 per episode. It’s the cheapest way to go on one of the paid accounts.

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AMC's Website

AMC usually always offers up each new episode on its website after it airs, so you don’t have to search around for it. Head over to to watch the new season of The Walking Dead as it airs. Plus, they always have bonus content and interviews and stuff, so you can look real good and drop knowledge your co-workers on Monday.

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