The 'Pretty. Strong.' Cast Members Are A Seriously Impressive Group Of Women

There are plenty of reality TV shows starring women, but Oxygen Network's Pretty. Strong. is breaking the stereotypical mold. The show will follow a group of females who work in an industry where women don't get nearly as much airtime or attention as their male counterparts: sports. The eight Pretty. Strong. cast members are all star players on the Chicago Bliss team of the Legends Football League — and they're eager to show the world that men aren't the only ones who can be seriously impressive linebackers.

The stars of Chicago Bliss aren't afraid to embrace both their strength and their femininity — which is why they play football in lingerie. Although this may raise some eyebrows, it sends an important body positive message in a TV landscape (and a society, for that matter) that generally glorifies super skinny body types rather than strong and athletic ones.

And these women aren't just physically strong — they're also women who balance their dedication to football with day jobs that range from dentistry to personal training to music. Plus, the show gives us insight into their personal lives and struggles that will be familiar to many of us.

Here are the eight stars of Pretty. Strong. whose football skills are about to blow you away:

Alli Alberts

Alberts, the team's wide receiver, is currently completing her residency in General Dentistry and Prosthodontics. Before joining the LFL, she was a member of the volleyball and track teams at Washington University in St. Louis. Despite her hectic schedule of balancing dentistry with football, she still finds time to enjoy some fun nights out in Chicago.

Jamie Barwick

When Pretty. Strong. premieres, Barwick will be moving positions on the team to play center. Her spot on the team is in jeopardy, so it's bound to be an emotional season for her. Her young son is her top priority, and she works as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

Deanna Fagiano

Fagiano began her career as a professional cheerleader before moving to the field. A member of the team's offensive line, Deanna is also best friends with Alli and the two will become roommates this season.

Heather Furr

Furr has been a member of the LFL for four years, and she's been named MVP twice. She currently plays quarterback and safety and is considered to be one of the most talented players in the league. But, Heather is a perfectionist who has worked hard for every accolade on the team — and, off the field, she balances two jobs as a bartender and personal trainer.

ChrisDell Harris

Harris is a team captain and excels as a running back. A leader both on and off the field, she's a highly driven individual who moved to Chicago from her hometown of Wichita, Kansas. She's determined to make a name and career for herself in Chicago, and it looks like ChrisDell is already well on her way to achieving that goal.

Nneka Nwani

Nwani, who goes by Nani, plays both defensive and offensive lines. She's focused on her career as a personal trainer, and played college basketball before joining the LFL. Although she's relatively new to the team, Nani is already regarded as one of the top players in the league.

Yashi Rice

The younger sister of Super Bowl Champion Simeon Rice, Yashi is a rockstar in her own right — both figuratively and literally. She's an aspiring musician and a top-notch defensive lineman with an inspiring work ethic.

Chantell Taylor

A native of Chicago, Taylor is a defensive lineman for the team. She's overcome a rough childhood and, in addition to killing it on the football field, Taylor works two jobs in the security and modeling industries.

I can't wait to see what the season has in store for these women.

Images: Oxygen Media (2)