Lee Daniels Wants Nicole Kidman On 'Empire' & Here's Exactly Who She Should Play

It's absolutely no secret to even the most casual fan of Empire that the second season of the hit show is leaning pretty heavily on the guest stars. It's not as though Season 1 was absent of guest stars, but it certainly seems that, now that Empire has the ratings and the budget to afford more, and bigger, stars in its line-up, the show is taking advantage of that fact. Apparently, Lee Daniels wants Nicole Kidman on Empire, to join the ranks of the likes of Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland who have already appeared. The two previously collaborated on The Paperboy, and, when Daniels interviewed Kidman for Interview magazine, he said, "I want you on my set," to which Kidman responded, "You promised me I would be there one day." Can I get a heck yeah?

While there's nothing official saying that Kidman is going to get anywhere near the set of Empire this season, let alone at all, I can't help but think how perfect she would be for a role that we have not yet seen. Andre's wife, Rhonda, joins the likes of Becky and Porsha in getting very little backstory to flesh out their characters. Sure, they're mainly there for support for the Lyon family, but even Raven Symoné got some backstory and flashbacks as part of her arc in Season 1. Rhonda is Andre's wife, so you'd think we'd know more about her than that she has to deal with a lot of abuse from Lucious and Cookie, and that she had to fight and claw for everything that she has now.

Personally, I've always been curious about Rhonda's family, whom we haven't seen much of in the show so far. We know that her mother's name is Mary Jo Harding, that her father's name is Bill Harding, and that she grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line, but does her family disapprove of her relationship with Andre as much as Lucious does? Are the Lyons close with the Hardings, or do they never see each other if and when they can help it? Is Rhonda more like her mother or her father? I have so many questions. Sure, Kaitlin Doubleday, who plays Rhonda, is 31 years old to Nicole Kidman's 48 years old, but, hey, if Mrs. Harding was an extremely young mother then it could totally work.

I want to see Rhonda in her natural habitat, with the blue blood Southern family that raised her, rather than constantly hovering in the background of Andre and the Lyons — especially now that she's pregnant with Andre's baby. We've seen how Andre and Jamal feel about that, but how do Rhonda's parents feel about that? Do they even know they're going to be grandparents? Are they helping out with raising the child? Does Rhonda even talk to them often at all? Kidman would be a very easy way to answer all of these questions, is all I'm saying, so if she wants to be on the show, and if Daniels wants her to be on the show, then I'd totally love to see it happen. The crazy hit parade that is Empire shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, so if we can't get her for Season 2, then hopefully we might see her do a cameo in Season 3.

Image: dailyempire-gifs/Tumblr