"Confident" Video Teaser Is Empowering, Natch

by Maggie Malach

If your new favorite song is Demi Lovato's "Confident," this is going to be a good week for you. The song's official music video drops on Oct. 9, but until then you can check out a teaser of the "Confident" music video. Although it's only 10 seconds long (womp), it gives us some insight into what we can expect from the full-length visual.

The preview is basically composed of a few key shots: Lovato watching someone with binoculars, a a truck zipping down a road, Lovato — clad in all black — doing hand-to-hand combat with someone, a brick wall crumbling, and Lovato diving out of the back of a bus. Yes, all in 10 seconds. The first thing the teaser determines is that this video will be action-packed. Lovato looks like she's going to be kicking butt, "Bad Blood"-style and nothing is going to get her way. Each shot of her confirms she knows exactly what she's doing and, yes, she looks confident.

It's also worth noting that Robert Rodriguez directed the video. He's directed movies such as Sin City and Spy Kids, so the action aspect totally makes sense. This isn't the first time Rodriguez and Lovato worked together. She recently filmed a guest appearance on his show From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Additionally, "Confident" features Michelle Rodriguez and Jeff Fahey. Talk about star power!

“I was so impressed by Demi’s fearless performance as a guest star on my TV series From Dusk Till Dawn that I jumped at the chance to direct her video,” Rodriguez said in a statement (via MTV News). “I basically treated this like we were shooting a high octane action film, because she has the presence and star power to pull it off. She’s incredible.”

While we don't know the details of the video's plot line yet, these clues fit in with the "Confident" lyrics. The song is all about Lovato exuding her self-worth, as she sings, "It's time for me to take it / I'm the boss right now / Not gonna fake it / Not when you go down / Cause this is my game / And you better come to play." She's clearly in control, which mirrors her strength in the video.

Most importantly, the video seems to respond to the question Lovato repeats again and again in the song: "What's wrong with being confident?" The answer: Absolutely nothing.

You can catch Demi Lovato's "Confident" music video when it drops on Oct. 9.