See The Kardashian Family's Other Joint Covers

The Kardashian family is known for its annual holiday card, which usually features the entire family posing together fabulously. They can skip the annual card in 2015, since the new Kardashian Cosmopolitan cover, which celebrates the mag's 50th anniversary, pretty much serves a similar purpose.

But the Kardashian Cosmo cover, which finds matriarch and momager Kris Jenner flanked by her five gorgeous daughters, isn't the only time that members of reality TV's first family have shared magazine cover space. Since there are so many sisters, there are endless style combos and possibilities that could end up on the front of major print glossies.

I'm not talking about paparazzi or red carpet photos of the Kardashians covering tabloids like Us Weekly, since that's a common occurrence. I am talking about the prime magazine real estate that is monthly fashion and beauty publications, along with an in-house shoot of the whole gang.

From Glamour to Redbook, the Kardashians and Jenners have appeared on plenty of major covers as units. That's precisely why we, as a culture, care so much about this family. They seem to be a unified collective and they love to look good while posing together.

In celebration of their family Cosmo cover, here's a rundown of some of the best Kardashian group covers.

1. Redbook (May 2011)

Kris and the Kardashian sisters donned cream-colored minis and beige heels. So koordinated.

2. Glamour (December 2011)

Kim is the middle Kardashian sister, so of course that's where she was placed on this Glamour cover.

3. Cosmopolitan UK (December 2012)

Their December 2012 Cosmo UK cover featured the same sister placement as the above Glamour cover. But this cover style was less casual and way more party glam.

4. Los Angeles Confidential (August 2010)

They may keep up in a ton of different cities, but L.A. is the Kardashian's home base of operations.

5. Prestige (September 2012)

Kim and Khloe kuddled while wearing white.

6. Fabulous (May 2013)

They were brunette babes in black and white.

7. The Hollywood Reporter (February 2011)

The family graced the Hollywood trade as things were just taking off. So all six have covered a magazine together before; THR is just more biz-driven than commercial or newsstand.

8. Teen Vogue (March 2012)

Kendall and Kylie have also gotten their joint cover on.

9. Marie Claire (2014)

The sisters also glammed for an international edition of Marie Claire.

Something tells me the Cosmo cover will lead to even more joint covers, because this is seriously fabulous.

Images: Redbook (1); Glamour (1); Cosmopolitan (2); Los Angeles Confidential (1); Prestige (1); Fabulous (1); The Hollywood Reporter (1); Teen Vogue (1); Marie Claire (1)