How To Keep Hair Moisturized In Winter

by Lindsey Rose Black

With wet snow, harsh winds, and freezing weather, learning how to keep hair moisturized in winter is essential to not damaging your locks. The season is harsh on your hair, and overhauling your routine a bit is going to be necessary to keep your hair healthy as the temperatures drop. Don’t worry though, small tweaks will make a big difference and you don’t have to break the bank on a ton of new products!

If your hair is already dry to begin with, make sure you’re treating it right. Learn what hair care mistakes cause dry hair, products that can accidentally dry out your hair, how to tame frizz, and the best ways to brush your hair to prevent damage!

Oh, and if you can manage, try to never walk out the door in the cold with wet hair! Or, at the very least, top off your wet hair with these warm winter hat styles.

Having gorgeous, silky hair doesn’t have to be impossible during winter and you deserve to have #IWokeUpLikeThis amazing hair every single day. Read on for the hacks below to learn exactly how to keep hair moisturized and healthy until spring shows again!

1. Deep Condition

Biosilk Silk Therapy Conditioner, $9, Amazon

Saniyyah S. Griffin over at BKReader explained, "A once a month deep conditioning treatment is vital to restoring the moisture in your strands while making it easier to comb & detangle and while also softening the hair." My favorite over-the-counter deep conditioning option is from Biosilk!

2. Coconut Oil Night Mask

Majestic Pure Coconut Oil Hair Mask, $15, Amazon

Coconut oil for the win! MissT is all about a deep moisturizing mask of coconut oil to sleep in overnight. Make sure to scrub well with shampoo afterward to leave it soft instead of greasy.

3. Dry Shampoo

Wella EMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo, $14, Amazon

Hot showers strip hair of its natural oils, so it's uber important to reach for gentle dry shampoo when possible to help your hair retain moisture. This dry shampoo from EMI is the perfect option — it features tapioca starch, which absorbs oil, but also helps make sure your hair isn't too stiff. You're able to style your locks as you please while adding volume and giving your 'do a fresh matte texture finish.

4. Gentle Detangling Comb

Detangling Comb, $8, Sephora Collection

It's also extremely essential it is to use a comb that won't break or damage your hair at all this season. Opt for the widest-tooth comb you can find.

5. Go Natural

AFP/DPA/Getty Images

Abba's Thermal Protect Spray, $19, Amazon

If you're used to heat styling your hair all the time like me, make winter your excuse to cut back! Heat sucks moisture from hair, so try to rock your natural look at least a few times a week. If you do decide to blow dry or heat style your hair, reach for a heat protectant spray, like Abba's Thermal Protect Spray.

6. Vitamin E Oil

Coco Care Vitamin E Oil, $7, Amazon

If your hair is static central this winter, Greatist advocates lightly coating it in vitamin E oil once dry to lock in moisture.

7. Add A Hat

The Jam Hat, $63, Wool And The Gang

Hats aren't just for keeping your head warm; they also help protect your hair! There's an infinity of options out there, so just pick what you like best!

Image Credit: Jonathan Emmanuel Flores Tarello/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands