"Another Lonely Night" Is Your Winter Weather Song

While some of us live for summer, others are totally on board when sweater weather rolls around. Like it or not, fall is upon us, which means your end of summer playlist should be on in full swing. I have another song to add to your list: Adam Lambert's "Another Lonely Night," which is his next single and is perfect for getting us all through the cold winter ahead.

The title itself is a solid start. Perhaps it's the bitter cold or the bare leaves, but there's something inherently lonely about winter. The first verse of the song lends to this imagery, as Lambert sings, "Alone in the dark / Hole in my heart / Turn on the radio / And the words fall out, but they got no place to go." The song is the perfect complement to the gray isolation of winter. Lambert gets how we feel during the colder months.

Darkness is another running theme, as the track is set at night and Lambert even admits he "don't give a f--- if the sun comes up." Daylight feels notoriously scarce during winter and the sun sets all too early, which also fits in with the lyrics. The darkness of the season definitely lends itself to loneliness and is a perfect setting for this track.

"Another Lonely Night" is the perfect evolution from Lambert's first single off of the album, "Ghost Town." Both songs evoke the same sense of isolation, although "Another Lonely Night" has an additional heaviness to it. It's cool to see how the two songs fit together, while also showing different aspects of the same emotions.

The beauty of a song like "Another Lonely Night" is that it perfectly captures how you feel in certain moments of your life, yet Lambert's understanding seeps in through his vocals. You can sense he knows what you're going through and the song serves as a comfort.

You can check out the "Another Lonely Night" single artwork above and you can listen to the track below. The music video is reportedly coming our way soon!