17 Body Positive Quotes To Shut Haters Down

If you're in need of a good source of body inspiration or self love, turning to body positive quotes is a perfect thing to do. They can also come in handy when you're confronted with body shaming and need to turn to some words of wisdom to shut the haters down. As many of us know, it's never easy to deal with trolls. But there are steps we can take to make it a little less harsh.

I try to keep some of my favorite quotations within reach, either in a Word doc, on a sticky note, or even on a poster that I can look to when I'm feeling down. I think the best quotes are short and to the point, presenting a complex topic in an easy to digest yet poignant way. They seem to come from people who have been there, who get what you're experiencing, and who are willing to talk about the nitty gritty of life.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to cultivating a positive body image is arguably dealing with haters and fat shamers. With these words, however, you'll be able to shut down both the A-holes IRL and the voice in your head that's telling you you're not enough.

1. Let's Redefine Pretty

This is a great reminder that there is so much more to strive for in life than looking pretty. Our character should always matter more than our aesthetic.

2. Self-Acceptance Is Key

Feminist powerhouse Lena Dunham reminds us that even though she's become something of an icon in the body acceptance movement, it doesn't mean her body is the most important thing she has to offer. We don't need to think of our physical forms as being, well, everything in body positivity. We need to remind the haters that body positivity is about way more than our actual bodies — it's about acceptance and inclusivity of all kinds.

3. Reverse Psychology

Can you imagine how much different your relationship with your body would be if you focused on the things you love about it rather than the ones you hate?

4. Put Your Soul First

Instead of looking at your body as your core defining factor, try looking at your inside. After all, it's who you are first and foremost as a person. In doing so, you'll realize those trolls have nothing on you.

5. An Unexpected Cause of Body Shaming

Here, Virgie Tovar pointed out how the need to compete against other women that is created by patriarchy also intersects into diet culture. What a brilliant thing to educate some shamers about, no?

6. Your Body Does Not Exist To Please Others

Always remember that your body does not exist in order to look pleasing to others. All that matters is what you think of yourself.

7. Serena Williams' Response To Body Shaming

Serena Williams, who GMA rightfully proclaimed the "Queen of Tennis," has been criticized by numerous people for the way she looks, particularly when it comes to her weight. But as you can see, she's not having it. And quite frankly, neither should you.

8. Your Weight Does Not Define You

Neither do your stretch marks, cellulite, or rolls. Your body does not define you. Don't let anyone convince you that it's all you have to offer.

9. Be Proud Of Who You Are

I love Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, especially when she's shutting down Donald Trump for his sexist critique about how her face looks. It's time we focus on female politicians' stances rather than their faces, you hear? Next time someone b*tches about how you look, remind them that you're proud of every roll and wrinkle and mark.

10. What Good Does Hating Your Body Really Do?

Good question...

11. Don't Beat Yourself Up

Remember: Progress is better than perfection. It's OK to be on a self-love journey, so don't beat yourself up if you have yet to reach your destination.

12. Do Something Positive For Your Body Everyday

Body image activist Golda Poersky reminds us of the importance of doing something good for ourselves every single day. Rather than focusing on body shamers, take time for yourself.

13. The Things That Make You Different Also Make You Beautiful

Bustle's own Marie Southard Ospina perfectly articulated what's wrong with our expectations of beauty. Instead of looking to blend in, we should feel the most beautiful because of the ways in which we stand out.

14. Demi Lovato's Declaration Against Social Expectations Of Beauty

Demi Lovato is always saying something amazing about body image, but this quote is particularly powerful since she's calling out the fashion industry for idolizing only one kind of body. I love how she uses her celebrity to promote good causes, including body positivity.

15. Declare A Truce With Beauty

Miley Cyrus encourages us to surrender in the fight to achieve beauty. With the crazy standards of Hollywood, not even celebrities or supermodels can live up to the expectations placed on their shoulders. Why don't we just abandon the ideals of beauty altogether?

16. We Need To Love The Sh*t Out Of Ourselves

Musician Meghan Trainor speaks the truth here: We don't always love ourselves as much as we should. Instead of letting another body shaming troll get you down, make an active decision to start loving yourself and stop listening to the rest.

17. You Have To Cut Off Self-Sabotage

If you want to get anywhere in life, you need to make peace with yourself. And yes, yourself includes your physical body. Start to quiet the voices inside your head that tell you you aren't good enough and only listen to those that uplift you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself possible.

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