How To Stream 'Kenan & Kel' For The Perfect Orange Soda-Fueled Marathon

Whooooo loves orange soda?? Even if you normally hate it with the fire of one thousand suns, this week, you love it. Why? Because on Monday night, The Splat is coming to TeenNick and bringing with it copious amounts of Kenan, Kel, and the orange soda mantra. Thanks to The Splat, '90s kids can bask in the delicious nostalgia of our youth with all of the Nickelodeon shows that we adored as kids, and that list includes Kenan & Kel. But how can you watch Kenan & Kel online, in case you miss it during The Splat?

Maybe you aren't into the whole cable thing or you like to watch your shows while you are on the — different strokes for different folks. Don't worry, if you aren't able to watch it on the cable TeenNick channel, there is still one option for you to get your Kenan & Kel fix online. The Splat does not offer online streaming on its website yet, and there is no word as to whether that will be added in the future, but lucky for you, Amazon has Kenan & Kel available for digital download via Amazon Instant. Over at Amazon Instant, you can find a treasure trove of all five seasons of Kenan & Kel. The episodes are $1.99 each to buy, but then you have them forever! An entire season is $9.99, which makes the entire series available (if you really wanted to marathon) for under $50.

To get you in the mood to hunker down with some orange soda and power through some seriously hilarious shenanigans, here is a list of some of the best catchphrases and moments from Kenan & Kel.

The Tuna Confession

Come on. The tuna moment is one of the greatest confessions there ever was. Courtroom dramas of today simply can not compare.

The Orange Soda Catchphrase

Even if you don't enjoy orange soda as a beverage, it kind of made you feel like you should. Who isn't charmed by Kel's unadulterated passion for a carbonated soft drink? It's refreshing!

When Kel Was A Genius

There is something to be said for Kel's obviously well hidden brain power. Maybe he is so goofy in other aspects because he is so burdened with an immense intellect that he can't even tap into fully. Deep thoughts, guys.

The Entire Opening Sequence Of Every Episode

Catchy hip-hop and over the top bits? As soon as you heard, "Awwwww here it goes!" in the '90s, you knew you were in for an awesome night of shenanigans, and thanks to The Splat and Amazon, you can still capture that excitement.

Images: Kenan & Kel/Facebook; Nickelodeon (2); Giphy (5)