13 Reasons 'The Parent Trap' Is Still The Best Movie, Even After You Found Out That Lindsay Lohan's Not A Twin

One of the first PG-rated movies I was ever allowed to watch was the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan. I may have forgotten this fact had the film been something a little less iconic, but, as any '90s kid knows, The Parent Trap was anything but basic. Lindsay Lohan's first major role(s) still hold a very special place in my heart, as it does in the hearts of every kid who secretly wished their parents would get a divorce just so they could be reunited with their long-lost identical twin and go through the magical fun of getting their parents back together.

OK, so I'm pretty sure no one ever wished for the divorce thing, but we all really, really wanted a secret twin. The movie may be nearly two decades old (yes, seriously), but that doesn't change the fact that The Parent Trap was, and still is, everything. Kids movies may be written off for their ridiculous plotting, zany characters, and wildly unrealistic storylines, but to that I say... who cares? Here are the 13 reasons why The Parent Trap remains one of the very best films of the '90s — because we'll never forget you, Annie and Hallie.

1. The Friendship Between Annie And Martin Is Too Cute

Annie doesn't have a dad (at least, not at the beginning of the film), but she does have a pretty decent stand-in in her butler, Martin. I mean, that handshake? Complicated as hell, but super adorable.

2. The Prank Wars Were Pure Inspiration

Pranks make me extremely nervous, but watching them onscreen seemed like a very safe way to get my kicks out of laughing at other people with shaving cream in their hair without any potential retaliation looming.

3. This Scene Was Bizarrely Satisfying

It's still unclear to me why both parents would have one half of the same picture, but I could watch this GIF all day.

4. And This Scene Made You Want To Take Up Fencing

If only to unmask your opponent and find it's someone WHO SHARES YOUR FACE.

5. Annie And Hallie's Poker Game Made You Wish You Were That "Bad To The Bone"

Ugh, you will never be as cool, or understand poker.

6. It Gave You Your Go-To Sassy Comeback

Preach it, girl.

7. This Scene Gave You All Of The Feels

To be honest, I'd be pretty freakin' pissed (and probably have to seek years and years of therapy) if my mom just decided that she would have zero contact with her other twin daughter, all over a seemingly very petty argument with her father. But still, this scene? Oh my God, I'm still crying.

8. It Gave You A Great Snack Idea

There is nothing weird about Oreos in peanut butter, and anyone who thinks so has never tried one. I'm pretty sure that The Parent Trap is the reason why peanut butter Oreos exist in the first place.

9. Meredith Was The Best Villain Ever

She was conniving, hated the girls, and eventually got a lizard in her mouth. Could not have asked for more, really.

10. And That Dennis Quaid Was Ridiculously Good Looking

This is one of those things you really only notice in retrospect, but still: definitely a DILF.

11. The Parents Have The Best Jobs Ever

I mean, a dress designer and a freakin' winery owner? This movie would have been so much less cool had the parents been accountants.

12. The Opening Is Epic...

BRB, going to book a ticket on a transcontinental cruise now.

13. ...And The Ending Is Sob Inducing

Did you know the Concord gets you here in half the time? And that one box of tissues is not enough to get through this final scene?

Never forget the power of The Parent Trap.

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