'GOT' Costumes You Haven't Considered

by Maitri Suhas

Winter might be coming, but Halloween is coming sooner, and there are plenty of costumes from Game Of Thrones to choose from for All Hallows Eve. Sure, you can dress like Jon Snow for Halloween. (Dead or alive, depending on which school of thought you ascribe to on the topic of Jon Snow's fate. But he's alive, people!) However, Westeros is full of characters — like, so, so many. And, as this amazing Hodor costume from San Diego Comic-Con over the summer proves, there are tons of ways to be creative with your Game of Thrones costumes this Halloween. It just takes a little imagination and some crafting.

Game Of Thrones is known for its amazing costume design, but there are some characters that are much simpler to emulate. Sure, people might think you're just dressed up like a bird, but you're actually the three-eyed raven from Bran Stark's visions. If that's not a way to strike up a conversation about the HBO series, I don't know what is. Here are some Game Of Thrones costumes you might not have considered, because there's no reason not to start considering them for Halloween '15.

Impress your friends with your creativity and your knowledge of certain characters in Westeros that don't get as much screen time.

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If you're not eight feet tall, no worries — you can still be Hodor. You just need a small Bran prop for size reference. Or, as this genius at Comic-Con used, a box of Raisin Bran with the Raisin omitted. Creative and hilarious and punny — it's the perfect Halloween costume. This hooded cloak from Amazon will cost you $20:

And a box of cereal, depending on where you live, is also extremely affordable.

Khal Drogo (For Women)

Do it. It will look badass. All you really need is some suede-like pants, a nude top, and this amazing makeup tutorial and braid. You can blur the lines of gender and show your fandom for the fallen Dothraki — it's a win-win. These faux-suede pants from Amazon are $18 and a fun choice for the costume.

Plus, you can totally wear them again. Pair it with a nude dance leotard — this one from Capezio is only $18! — and make your face a smoldering Dothraki (you can opt for beard or no beard).


It's actually pretty easy to be the Red Woman. You don't have to commit yourself to dark magic, or the Lord of Light, or sacrifice any little girls or anything like that. You just need a red cloak and/or a red dress, some long red hair, and an amulet in crimson to be the seductive and terrifying Melisandre. This wig is highly affordable at less than $30.

Cloaks run pretty cheap these days — this hooded cape version is only $13.

A long, red gown for underneath:

Use makeup to your advantage! Melisandre is pale but fiery.

And, of course, the amulet. While you can buy plenty of lookalikes from Etsy for a wide range of prices (up to $200 bucks if you are a super fan and want to get really authentic), you can also DIY your own. Instructables has a great, easy, and most importantly, cheap tutorial you can follow. This one from Any Shape Necklaces on Etsy is about $30, but incredibly beautiful and authentic, if you want a special piece.

George R.R. Martin

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I mean, why not? The author of the fantasy series is the reason we're all so torn when our favorite characters inevitably die a violent and gruesome death, so pay homage to him with a Halloween costume. Get either some suspenders or a vest to wear over a button up shirt, and don't you dare forget the rimless spectacles and the newsboy cap — this one is just $13.

Pair it with these suspenders, which are a steal at $10, from H&M.

Of course, you'll need that grey beard, but no worries — Amazon has your back! Beards start at literally $3.

Ghost The Direwolf

Or any of the direwolves, really, but Jon's pup Ghost is obviously superior to the rest of his doggy brethren. And this costume is super easy: you can opt for fuzzy footie pajamas, or get some fur legwarmers and a fur head, and complete the look with wolf makeup. This has an added bonus of being super comfortable. If you get home super drunk, you can just fall asleep in your costume. Win-win. This one is $40 from Amazon, and, if you attach some ears and a tail, viola — you're Ghost!

Or make it really easy and get this three-in-one hat/scarf/mittens hood, and wear it with all white.

Jaqen H'ghar

You could literally dress up as anything — even go in your regular clothes — and tell people that you are the Faceless Man from the House of Black and White that has Arya Stark under his tutelage. Carry a coin to prove your true identity.

The Three-Eyed Raven

I'm talking about the raven that appears in Bran's dreams, not the actual Three-Eyed Raven that is half-man, half-tree. Wear all black and do some dark, eyeliner-heavy crow makeup, and just add a third eye in the place where your third eye is. Add to the effect by whispering "you will fly" to all your friends. You could also check out some amazing crow costume tutorials like this one from PS: I Made This.

Stannis' Shadow Baby

Sure, there are plenty of evil characters in Westeros, but one of the most sinister is the shadow baby that Stannis and Melisandre birth that ends up murdering Renly Baratheon. Get one of these full body spandex suits, and I guarantee you will freak everybody the heck out. Grab this incredibly creepy one on Amazon for just $26.

Your Favorite Character

If you're on a budget, or a time crunch, or you just want to be cheeky, spice up the classic "sheet ghost" with a name tag — you could literally be anyone from the show that has died. Which is like, everyone. When you play the game of thrones, you win or die, but you can bring back your favorite character this Halloween as the spirit that they are.

Happy Halloween, Game Of Thrones fans! Get a move on on that crafting, because Hallowinter is coming.

Images: Amazon (9), Imgur, Helen Sloan/HBO (5), Giphy (2), H&M, Forever21, AnyShapeNecklaces/Etsy.