Watching 'All That' As An Adult Still Makes You Laugh Just As Hard As Your Younger Self

Do you remember when All That first came to Nickelodeon? Because I do. I remember losing my mind over every single sketch, all of the bright costumes, and all of the over-the-top comedy. That show, and that wildly recognizable logo, defined “late night television” as a child. Mainly because it was often the last thing I would watch before going to bed (and sometimes while going to bed, if my mother didn’t notice that the television in my room was still on long after lights out). So when I heard that Nickelodeon is bringing a whole slew of ‘90s television shows, I crossed my fingers and said a prayer to the comedy gods that All That would be one of the shows they chose.

Turns out the comedy gods have been kind, because All That is one of the 20 shows that will be airing on Nickelodeon Splat starting Oct. 5. So, naturally, the news sent me to my computer to rewatch clips of All That and some of my other favorite Nickelodeon shows. And, as nostalgic as the whole YouTube spiral was, those shows looked a lot different as an adult than they did as a kid. Especially All That. The jokes that were laugh out loud funny long before there was LOL ring a little differently when you hear them as an adult. But that’s not the only thing you notice.

Check out the list below to find out all of the things you realize when watching All That as an adult.

1. Lori Beth Denberg Was The Best

Hamad Alvarez on YouTube

Mainly because her delivery was also spot on, and that center part was always so crisp.

2. The Jokes Are A Little Weak

Scream77541 on YouTube

Jokes like “It’s possible to ride your bike with no hands, but it’s impossible to ride your bike with no rear end” will leave you wondering, wait, what did I miss?

3. That Theme Song Was Amazing

mohdarushad on YouTube

It was everything that was ever good about '90s jams. I still sometimes hum it to myself at the weirdest times.

4. They Were SNL Copycats

Xtraudinair on YouTube

I hate to say it, but a lot of the best All That skits were total SNL rip offs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Every good artist steals. But watching the show as an adult makes you realize how many of those characters were ones you’d go on to love on real late night television.

5. It Was A Launchpad For Some Serious Talent

Kevin Bable on YouTube

Kenan Thompson? Amanda Bynes? Nick Cannon? Jamie Lynn Spears? Denzel Whitaker? That show knew how to cast ‘em.

6. Kenan Thompson’s French Accent Was Terrible

Kevin Bable on YouTube

I used to die every time Kenan Thompson came out as Pierre Escargot, but watching it now I can only hear how his accent sounds more… I don’t even know. Whatever it is, it’s not French.

7. Boys Dressing Up As Girls Was So Funny In The ‘90s

amber230 on YouTube

At least All That thought so. Pretty much every sketch has some guy dressing up as a girl, and the audience ate it up. But, now that we’re older and have a few women’s studies course under our respective belts, I think we all realize how problematic that portrayal is.

8. There Were Some Really Famous Guests

i7160 on YouTube

Like Chris Farley. What? This show was definitely way more legitimate than you ever imagined.

Tune in to Nickelodeon Splat starting on Oct. 5 to see for yourself. I’ll definitely be there, reminding myself that I don’t have to keep the volume the lowest it will go so that my mother doesn’t hear it.

Image: Nickelodeon