Can You Answer These 'Hidden Temple' Questions?

As we celebrate the dawn of Nickelodeon's new '90s nostalgia channel The Splat, I'm especially looking forward to Legends Of The Hidden Temple. Partially because I am all about game shows that remind me of Indiana Jones, and partially because I enjoy seeing small children bluster over complex historical facts. Let's face it: more paralyzing than the fear of getting abducted by the temple guards was the fear of getting the Steps Of Knowledge questions wrong. And, after a solid double decade, do you think you could ace those questions and descend the steps a champion?

Well then, why don't we test your knowledge and find out? I've sorted through the ancient archives (as in, watched old YouTube clips), and picked out real life Legend Of The Hidden Temple questions. And I can tell you now that I personally got half of them correct, although I didn't jump the gun unlike some reckless contestants. Listen to all the options first, kids.

Strap on your gold helmets, pick a team (Blue Barracudas? Purple Parrots? Red Jaguars?), and test your historical knowledge. Hey, if you do well you might even get a trip to Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando Florida (JK, it no longer exists).

1. What Did Black Beard Tie In His Beard?

A. RatsB. RibbonsC. Burning Ropes

2. Was Pecos Bill Named For…

A. A MountainB. A River C. A Lake

3. Which Of These, Developed In Babylon, Was One Of The First Organized Set Of Laws In History?

A. The Magna CartaB. The Code HammurabiC. The Twelve Tables

4. How Long Did It Take Marco Polo To Reach China?

A. Three Years B. Three MonthsC. 30 Years

5. The Babylonians Plundered Jerusalem. At The Time, Was Jerusalem The Capitol Of…

A. PersiaB. EgyptC. Judah

6. In Which Of These Famous Years Were The Moors Expelled From Spain?

A. 1492 B. 1776C. 1812

7. Was Ghengis Khan’s Army Called…

A. The Foreign LegionB. The Golden Hoard C. The Red Army

8. To Get To California, Did Some Prospectors Have To Round…

A. The Cape Of Good HopeB. Cape Horn C. Cape Crusader

9. Was Elizabeth I Known As…

A. Good Queen Bess B. Old BessC. Liz The Red

10. Which Of These Words Were A Term For Gold Strike?

A. A PonderosaB. A Bonanza C. Or A Sierra

11. In Which Of These Conflicts Did Europeans Fight Each Other For Control Of South Africa?

A. The Boer War B. The Calahari WarC. The Crusades

12. The Dragon Lady Was Of The Ming Dynasty. Was That Dynasty From…

A. MongoliaB. Manchuria C. Tibet

13. Were The Spanish Ships That Pirates Attacked In The Caribbean Filled With Treasure From…

A. EgyptB. ChinaC. South America

How did you stack up? Let's look at the answers:

1. B, Ribbons2. B, A River3. B, The Code Hammurabi 4. A, Three Years5. C, Judah6. A, 14927. B, The Golden Hoard8. B, Cape Horn9. A, Good Queen Bess10. B, Bonanza11. A, The Boer War12. B, Manchuria13. C, South America

If you got 10 or more, congratulations! You can move onto the Temple Games! Hope you have your mouth guard at the ready.

Images: Nickelodeon (1); Giphy (4)