Annabelle Neilson Opens Up About Her Book Series

The women of Ladies of London are all successful in their own right. One runs a luxury gift business, another is a restaurant owner, and another is a future Lady and yoga teacher. Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson is children's book author. Well, that's just one thing Annabelle would list on her LinkedIn — as if she needed one — that would impress you. In her newest venture, Annabelle has released the first of a series of books in her new The Me Me Me's series. The books themselves are doing a service for children who are learning to handle their emotions, as each book approaches a different feeling and emotion from beginning to end.

"I hope kids get a great story and have fun," Annabelle says in an interview with Bustle. She also hopes that her books help kids address their emotions, versus being frightened of them. "There's a way of communicating, that as we grow older, we push further and further down," Annabelle says. She wishes that The Me Me Me's will help children growing up find a place to put their emotions, like loneliness, shyness, anger.

"I think talking about [emotions] as early as possible is an important thing," Annabelle says.

Speaking with Annabelle about The Me Me Me's, it's evident that the book series is not just a couple of books, but instead a world that she has created. She rattles off a ton of words that are associated with the feelings and emotions in the books and how they'll all, hopefully, work together down the road. She has 18 Me Me Me's, and hopes to continue to publish them.

Annabelle opened up on Ladies of London about her struggles with dyslexia as a child, which makes her status as a published author even more rewarding. "It's definitely a strange decision for me to make as a chronic dyslexic," Annabelle says, "But I'm really good at creating characters. I spent a lot of my early childhood in my dreams."

As for her other dreams, like fashion, Annabelle isn't slowing down. "I won't stop doing fashion... It's part of my blood," the Alexander McQueen muse says. "I'm always going to find new talent and look out for new designers. When I can help out, I will."

"I have an extraordinary history of which I hope I get the chance to give to other young people."

Images: Rebeca Miller/Bravo; AnnabelleNeilsonGifs/Tumblr (2)