Annabelle Neilson Defines American Slang & Spills On ‘Ladies Of London’ Season 2

I pretty much knew Season 2 of Ladies of London was going to be a smash when Bravo chose to pair the trailer with Fergie's "London Bridge." That, plus almost immediate drama between the women, has made this Ladies of London fan quite happy. And the fun doesn't stop at New Year's Eve (trust me). In an interview with Bustle, Annabelle Neilson, Ladies of London star and author of children's book series The Me Me Me's, spills that "the Brits go to war." While she can't give too much away, she also teases that her upcoming story line for the season will feature a face fans might be quite familiar with.

"I do a fashion show with Naomi [Campbell]. It was amazing [to have her on the show]," Annabelle says. "She knows my life." Although it is a "big ask" to have someone of Campbell's status on the show, Annabelle thinks it will be interesting for people to see someone like Naomi — a friend of Annabelle's for 20 years — on the show with the reality star.

Annabelle also says that she lets down her guard a bit more in the rest of the season, noting that she "gets involved more with the American girls." But just how involved did she get? We quizzed the fashion icon and reality star on American slang that is popular in 2015 to see just how familiar she was with some of her co-stars' homeland.

On Fleek

At first, Annabelle thinks long and hard about what "on fleek" could mean, but eventually succumbs. "I give up!" When I tell her what it means — and even use it in a sentence — she is visibly confused. "It's so tiny, the difference! Why bother?"


"You're going to get shagged," Annabelle says. Not quite. "You're going to get drunk!"


To help out, I gave Annabelle "bae" in a sentence. For instance, "I'm going to hang out with bae tonight." Annabelle's response was immediate. "Oh! My dildo!"


"They're plain?" Annabelle asks. "We have that."


"I'm guessing it's their crew."

No Chill

"You're not that cool!"


"I know this one!" Annabelle says proudly. After thinking about it, "Damn, I know this."


"Fear of not getting laid?" OK, so maybe FOMO influenced this one a bit.

Images: Rebecca Miller/Bravo; AnnabelleNeilsonGifs/Tumblr (8)