Pepsi Perfect Is Becoming A Reality

Call me ungrateful, but when the future that Back to the Future promised us in the second film became our present, I was a little disappointed to see that so much of the awesomeness in the movie’s version of 2015 was nowhere to be seen. I mean, sure, I can hold a computer in my hand, and find a first date with the touch of a button, but can I fly from place to place on my very own hover board? No, and that is where the future has seriously failed us. But there is one thing from Marty McFly’s version of the future that you’ll be able to get very soon. Pepsi announced on Monday that they will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future Part II (the one where Marty travels to 2015) by releasing collectible editions of Pepsi Perfect. So, obviously, the question on every fan's mind is where can you buy Pepsi Perfect?

You know, what I'm talking about. Pepsi Perfect was the soft drink that Marty orders after walking into Biff’s diner, and, in lieu of a hoverboard, I'd love to relax with a collectible bottle of the good stuff. First of all, if you want one, you’re going to have to act fast. The company is only releasing 6,500 bottles of the stuff, and they won’t be selling it for long — only while supplies last.

The bottles are also a little bit pricey. If you do get your hands on one, prepare to spend a little less than the $50 that Doc gives Marty for the beverage. Each bottle will be sold for $20.15, which means that I hope no one is actually drinking this stuff and then throwing it away. Keep it on your shelf, please, because you're paying for the bottle and the memories rather than the beverage itself.

The bottles will be sold mostly online beginning on Oct. 21, but there may be a few other places where you can get a bottle for your memorabilia collection. Pepsi encouraged fans to keep an eye on the company’s social media pages closer to the release date in order to know where exactly they can purchase it. Does that mean it’s going to be released in some stores? I’m picturing an ‘80s-clad crowd storming local Targets everywhere.

So get comfortable clicking your refresh button. With the release date still weeks away, the information about where exactly you can find bottles of Pepsi Perfect could come at any time.

Image: Universal Pictures (2)