12 Last-Minute Punny Costumes For Couples

Every year that I’ve ever had a boyfriend during Halloween, I procrastinate putting together a costume for us until the very last minute. I have the best intentions at the beginning of October, with grand plans of winning every costume contest. But inevitably, I’m sitting on my laptop a few nights before, desperately searching for last-minute pun Halloween costumes for couples to wear for the Halloween party.

Why pun costumes? Last-minute pun costumes are always a hit. Any other type of last-minute costume is usually viewed as boring and lazy. However, if you put a little punny thought into it, your last-minute costume will become the hit of the party. Plus, everyone remembers the costume they couldn’t guess off of the top of their head. A pirate? OK, I’ve seen that. A couple dressed like French Kiss? That’s the one they’re going to remember and laugh about the next morning when they wake up.

If you are reading this article, you are obviously in desperate need of a killer costume that takes no time at all. You’re in luck! I’ve rounded up my personal favorite couples pun costumes below. They’ll take mere minutes, and you won’t have to fight at the Halloween stores for the accessories you’ll need. Time to have a killer Halloween.

1. French Kiss

You have to love a pun that involves the band Kiss. All you need is some face paint and that striped shirt that’s hanging in your closet. Plus it gives you an excuse to make out all night…

What You'll Need: White and black face paint, black and white striped shirts, and black pants or leggings. Optional accessories include red scarves to tie around your necks, and berets.

2. To Bee Or Not To Bee

Who doesn’t love a little play on Shakespeare? Dress up like two bees, and ask the eternal question that plagued Hamlet.

What You'll Need: Black and yellow striped shirts, two pieces of cardboard — one with a “1” on it, and one with a “2” that’s been crossed out — and black shorts/pants/skirt. Optional items include antennae and wings.

3. Party Animals

Are you known for being the party animals of the group? Go with it! If there’s ever a time to get wild, it’s Halloween.

What You'll Need: Face makeup to draw noses and whiskers (or buy animal masks!), and fancy party outfits. Optional items include anything animal! Antlers, ears, tails, you name it.

4. Candy Wrappers

It turns out rappers can be sweet! Grab your gal or guy, don the right attitude, and you are a candy wrapper away from being the sweetest rapping duo ever.

What You'll Need: Baggy pants and sweatshirts or jackets, sunglasses, hats, and candy. Tape or hot glue the candy on, and you’re all set! Quick tip, don’t use your favorite sweatshirt for this…

5. Deviled Eggs

Dust off that old devil costume, and turn your partner into an egg. Devilishly funny if you bring actual deviled eggs!

What You'll Need: For the devil, it can be as simple as devil horns and dressing in all black. For the egg, dress in all white, and tape a yellow yolk made out of construction paper on your stomach and back.

6. Green with Envy

This is one of my all-time favorite pun couples costume ideas. So simple and pure genius; your costume competitors will be the ones left green with envy.

What You'll Need: An all-green outfit for one partner, and a sign that reads, “Envy” for the other. Pretty simple, no?

7. L Key Holics

For those of you who only come for the boos… See what I did there?? Puns never get old.

What You'll Need: Cardboard squares, or small white square boxes with the letter “L” written in dark marker. Tape those all over your bodies, and you’re done!

8. Hawaiian Punch

You’re going to love this one, since it gives you one last chance to bust out the tropical wear before winter sets in. Nothing says Hawaiian punch like a tropical gal dressed to kill with her buffed up beau.

What You'll Need: One partner dresses in Hawaiian gear, whether it’s a swimsuit or a full luau costume. The other just needs to grab a pair of boxing gloves.

9. Chick & Chick Magnet

You can get creative with this one, though I think this is the most creative chick magnet costume I’ve seen! The chick half can take the cute girl route, OR the actual chick (as in chicken) route.

What You'll Need: Chicks, go for the hot chick look with your favorite party dress, or glue some feathers to a white outfit to get more literal with it. Chick magnets, glue, pin, or tape stuffed chicks to your outfit.

10. American Horror Story

One of the best TV shows out there in my opinion, and someone turned it into a brilliant punny costume! If you love the makeup and gore that comes with Halloween, but don’t have time to focus on anything but the makeup, this costume idea is made for you.

What You'll Need: Zombie makeup, patriotic clothing, and a couple scary story books.

11. Pot Heads

Who wants to dress up like a blazed stoner when you can have adorable flowers on your head? I’m just sayin’…

What You'll Need: Construct tubes around your head with construction paper and tape. Grab some fake or real flowers, and glue or tape them to the inside of the tubes. Ta-da! Last-minute solution to a great pun!

12. Netflix & Chill

If you haven’t seen this amazing outfit floating around the Internet, you’ve been living under a rock. Why not turn it into a couples costume? One of you be Netflix and the other chill — if the party sucks, you’re already wearing your backup plan!

What You'll Need: Netflix, a red shirt, and a printed Netflix logo taped to the front. Chill, grab a sack of ice, or anything else considered “chill.”

You’re never too old to dress up for Halloween, am I right?!

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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