‘Harry Potter’ Fans Make The Best Partners

I think it’s true what they say, that there is no cure for love. No matter how many potions or ointments you try to apply, it always seems to stick around, hovering in the far corner of your mind or taking over every thought in it. There’s something kind of magical about being in love, isn’t there? It’s like some spell straight out of Harry Potter. Because there is something special that happens when we fall in love. But when we fall in love with a Harry Potter fan, that is where the real magic happens. Because it turns out that the people who love Harry Potter are the same type of people who make really good partners.

I mean, sure, this is a pretty big blanket statement to make about a fan population that is millions of people deep, but hear me out. Whether they read Harry Potter as a child and learned a good bit about people and relationships from it, or they were the kind of adults that were drawn to its imaginative pages, the fact that they are fans says a lot about what kind of person they are and what kind of partner they would make.

1. They Grew Up With Good Male Role Models

If you were reading Harry Potter from the time you were a kid, then you grew up reading about boys and men who treated women as equals, who worked hard for their position in life, and who showed respect and kindness toward others. All of that is the bedrock of a really solid, equal relationship.

2. They Have Great Imaginations

And that will seriously come in handy when it comes to planning weekly date nights for the rest of your life. Because dinner and a movie every single Friday night can get super boring.

3. They Won’t Mind If You Spend All Day In Your Bathrobe

They’re used to reading about people flying around in robes for an entire school year. Seeing you in your bathrobe for the third day in a row probably won’t make them bat an eye — assuming your robe is in their favorite Hogwarts house colors, of course.

4. They’re Into Smart Girls

Harry Potter fans are not only cool with girls being smarter than they are, it’s probably a huge turn on for them. If you’re into the Harry Potter books, then chances are you’re into girls like Hermione who always stood her ground and always knew the right answer.

5. They Know Right From Wrong

That’s what those books are all about: good versus evil. So your HP-loving partner most likely has a solid foundation in all things ethical. When it comes to your partnership, this can be incredibly important during conflict and in treating each other with kindness.

6. They Work Well With Others

After thousands of pages of Hermione, Ron, and Harry working together to come up with solutions to some really serious problems, Harry Potter fans know the benefits of ceding to others and using each other’s strengths. Trust me, this is necessary for any long-term relationship to survive.

7. They Love Reading

And there is nothing sexier than a partner who reads. It keeps your mind active and constantly curious for information. And when you’re in a long-term relationship, curiosity and a search for knowledge can keep things interesting.

8. They Appreciate Their Parents

And how could you not after reading about Harry and his deep sense of loss for his. If you read Harry Potter as a child, you definitely learned a thing or two about not taking your parents for granted.

9. They Love To Experiment

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

10. They Value Their Friends

They probably even have a tribe kind of like Harry, Hermione, and Ron had.

11. They Believe In Magic

Sure, long-term love is a lot about commitment and kindness and communication, but in order to keep that spark alive you have to believe in the magic of true love.

Really there are no better partners in the world than the people who love Harry Potter. So make sure you look for that on the next few Tinder profiles you peruse.

Image: Giphy (11); Warner Brothers