'Supergirl' Halloween Costume You Can Do Yourself

There were always standard go-to Halloween costumes for boys and girls when we were growing up. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are safe bets, alongside all the Disney outfits you could ever dream of. When we were kids it was Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, but in 2015 it's often Frozen characters, because who doesn't want to be Queen Elsa for a night? But this year it's never been a better time to go back to some of those old standards and make your own Supergirl costume, considering the new CBS series Supergirl will absolutely make your costume relevant and classic. The series has yet to begin so we may not have as close a look at Kara's suit and fashion in general, but from what we can glean via trailers and beyond, it's a relatively simple style. In fact, it might be a blast to make the suit from scratch.

So forget the boring, tired old Batman and Superman costumes. Let them fight each other — instead of invade our Halloween attire. Instead, let's celebrate that a female superhero is getting her own show (and could be starting a revolution with Marvel's Jessica Jones) by wearing the superheroine's garb out during Halloween parties, trick-or-treating and beyond! Things are looking up for the female comic book were and it's high time to appreciate that in costume form.

The Basics

Under Armour Women's Locker Long Sleeve, $28, Amazon

It's actually ridiculously easy to get the materials needed for this costume. Check out EastBay online for this royal blue, long-sleeve Under Armour shirt (they have other colors too, potentially even a darker blue if you're going for a moodier Supergirl). The burgundy skirt comes from ModCloth and of course can be used again in normal life. And finish it off with almost but not quite opaque tights from Old Navy for only $8.

The Cape

Hancock Fabrics has you covered for this red costume fabric at only $4 a yard. Just measure out to your height and secure to your blue under armor shirt!

The Symbol & Belt

Hancock Fabrics is a brilliant place to visit for inexpensive yards of fabric. Grab some of the leftover red from the cape and a few slivers of this yellow for only $9 total at Hancock and you've got yourself the materials for Supergirl's emblem and belt.

The Boots

The red boots are really what seals the deal, so how about this pair, that are incredibly close to Supergirl's actual attire for $19 on Zulily? There are plenty other boots to choose from as well, so head over to Amazon and eBay as well.

See? That wasn't so hard, right? Now go forth and conquer your candy and parties, DIY Supergirls! And let's hope the series lives up to the hype and the costume.

Images: Darren Michaels, Sonja Flemming/CBS; EastBay; Zulily; Old Navy; ModCloth; Hancock Fabrics (2)