Make Your Favorite 'TVD' Costume This Halloween

The time has come once again for trick-or-treating, pumpkin spice everything, and a transition into cold weather. Halloween is right around the corner and that means only one thing: It's time for costumes! Even after you become "too old" to get candy door to door from strangers, Halloween costumes are still totally a staple for young adult parties. And what better way to celebrate Halloween than by dressing up as your favorite TV or film character? It might take a little extra effort to take on the task of dressing up as someone from Reign, Game of Thrones and beyond, but dressing up as The Walking Dead characters is a piece of cake — and totally awesome.

For one, you get to pretend like you're in the zombie apocalypse. Who wouldn't want to do that? Secondly, the outfit could essentially be made out of clothes you already own, and really just needs a few special touches here and there. From characters like Rick, Michonne, and Darryl to choose from, it's no surprise why people would want to dress up as their favorite Walking Dead character. So for that reason alone, here's a helpful guide to taking on this task in style and making your friends wish they could carry around a fake weapon too.

Michonne — The Basics

Purple Tank Top, $6, Amazon; Jeans, $19, OldNavy; Belt, $18, American Eagle

So you want to dress like badass Michonne? Good thing is she is a big fan of the jeans and tank top look. Start off with a nice purple tank top like this one from Amazon at around $6 and pair with a nice pair of medium or dark wash skinny jeans, like this $19 pair from Old Navy. Michonne also switches it up with olive colored pants and other styles, but the skinny cut is usually the same. Take the outfit up a notch with a brown belt like this one from American Eagle at about $18 and then finish up with a pair of combat boots, like this brown pair from Aldo priced around $60.

Michonne — The Fun Stuff

Bomber Vest, $32, Amazon; Colorful Headband, $3, Amazon; Sword, $25, Amazon

Start the Michonne transformation process with a bomber vest or leather vest like this one from Amazon, which would only set you back around $35 to $40. Make sure to add a colorful headband like this one from Hobby Lobby which only costs $2.99. And now here comes the fun part — complete the look with some tired makeup and fake soot if you really wanna go for it. But make sure you're also carrying a fake sword like this Katanna at around $25. Voila! You have never looked so ready to take on the zombie apocalypse.

Rick Grimes — The Basics

Grey Shirt, $7, Amazon; FauxLeather Jacket, $70, Amazon; Levi Jeans, $45, Amazon; Cowboy Boots, $60, Amazon

The men deserve a little DIY fashion, too. Plus why wouldn't you want your significant other to dress as Rick if you're already going as Michonne? (Hint, Hint, Walking Dead writers!) Gone are the days of the sheriff shirt. We're into hunter fashion for Rick and it's pretty monochrome. Check out this long sleeve grey shirt from Amazon for $7 underneath this faux suede jacket from Amazon at $60. Amazon can also help you complete the rest of your basic look for Rick with Levi Jeans dark wash at $45 maximum and cowboy boots.

Rick Grimes — The Weapons

Of course no Rick Grimes look would be complete without some fake weaponry from KidsArmy who comes through with a machine gun at $22 and a pistol at $16.

Carol — The Basics

Jacket, $45, Amazon; Henly, $20, Amazon

Any Carol fan knows she basically has some of the most random costumes on the show. Who goes from wearing monochrome tan outfits to floral sweaters and beyond? Of course it does have to do with where she is at any given time, but still, it's a bit harder to pin down the right costume for Carol. This jacket from Amazon gives the same feel of Carol's tan jacket on the show. Pair with a Henley in a color of your choice, also from Amazon at $20, and women's brown cargo pants from JC Penney at $30. And use the same belt from Michonne's outfit! And Kohl's has combat boots in various colors for $35!

Carol — The Weapons

While you can't go wrong just buying a toy gun, what makes Carol special is this knife above which you can buy at BUDK.com for $10. But keep in the sheath for the whole night, just in case.

Now go forth and hunt yourselves a great Halloween night!

Images: Gene Page, Screenshot (2)/AMC; Amazon; Target; Old Navy; American Eagle; Aldo; BUDK; JC Penney; Kohls; Hobby Lobby; KidsArmy; Levi's