Chase Kerby Joins Team Gwen On 'The Voice' And The Competition Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter

We had to wait until the end of the Blind Auditions, but The Voice finally gave the audience the sweet performance we've been waiting for. Chase Kerby gifted The Voice fans with a sweet rendition of Coldplay's "The Scientist" and gifted his new coach, Gwen Stefani, with an even sweeter gift — a box of chocolates. Sounds pretty cheese, right? But the sweet treat was just a small token from Kerby's home life — the 30-year-old works at the candy store his mother owns as a way to sustain his pursuit of a music career (cue the "awww"). And though Stefani was the only one to hit her button, she was the right one. With Coach Gwen on his side, Kerby is set up for a sweet ride in this competition.

It's tough to come into the competition this late in the game when the coaches only have a few spots left on their team. If it were any earlier, Kerby would've had his fair share of coaches to pick from. But the good thing is that that wouldn't have been necessary, because I'd like to think the aspiring alternative pop artist would've chosen Stefani on his accord. The two really are the perfect match. Though Kerby has a very smooth, even tone to his voice, he has a style that is very much fitting to Stefani's style. They both have a very solid base that allows them to play around with different styles and genres. As long as Kerby is willing to experiment — which he definitely should be if he chose to join this competition — Stefani will be able to improve his already stellar voice by adding a little grit and attitude to his sound.

While Kerby is sure to have a good run with Stefani on his side, is he going to be strong enough to last 'til the end of the competition? It's hard to tell now, but he definitely has a shot. His talent plus his sweet personality are sure to make him a fan favorite in no time. As long as he doesn't have any major slipups, there's no doubt Kerby will be in this game for many weeks to come.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC