Will Dash Reveal The Vision On 'Minority Report'?

Dash is now finally in the know of what could happen to him and his siblings on Minority Report, what will he do with the information? On Monday night's episode, Arthur finally revealed to Dash that Agatha has been seeing visions of the precogs back in a milk bath. But there's a twist to the already horrific possible future: Agatha's vision also revealed that Vega is standing over the milk bath which could mean that Vega might betray Dash despite their working together and becoming friends. Now I've got my doubts about all this, not about the vision itself since we actually see it unfold in Agatha's mind as she's sleeping. No, I have doubts that Vega would ever betray Dash for any reason. For one they're currently on the same side and have the same ideals when it comes to saving lives. No, in my opinion I still can't believe it to be possible. But does Dash believe this, and will he tell Vega what Agatha saw?

My guess is that Dash doesn't want to believe Vega would ever do anything to hurt him or Agatha and Arthur. But at the same time, he's learned that trusting people can come with a price. That and Arthur's constant messages about how everyone has a dark side just waiting to get out aren't going to make Dash's mind and decisions all that strong. I believe the smartest thing to do would be to tell Vega about the vision, but I think Dash will keep the secret for a little while. In fact, he might even put Vega's out of arms reach for a little while until she finally snaps and demands to know what's going on.

But here's the situation with keeping a secret that could potentially push away the person who might one day betray you, it won't be as difficult to turn someone in when you're not close with them. The best thing Dash could do is share what he's learned with Vega and Akeela who now knows his secret as well. That way they can let free will kick in. Many of you probably already saw the film Minority Report upon which this series is based. Minority Report the film is the series' predecessor and it aptly delves into the idea of free will vs. the seen future. In the film, a vision shows John Anderton killing someone he's never met. But when the time comes for the crime to actually be committed, he's met the man and even has a motive. Nevertheless, he chooses not to kill him, knowing the consequence and understanding that the future can be changed by those who are willing to do so.

If Dash tells Vega that she is "destined" to betray him and his siblings in the future, she can work her hardest to make sure it doesn't happen and that she never feels the need to do it. Dash should let Vega have the opportunity to make this choice. Considering how much he already is trying to trust her and bond with her, it makes the most sense and it's also the strongest choice to make to show her that she can trust him as well. I'm not worried about Vega or Akeela for that matter, but perhaps the vision could also be showing us Vega after her boss Will Blake discovers the truth. Now him I do believe would sell out Dash if he ever learned the truth. So telling Vega the vision would also help Dash by allowing Vega to try and keep Blake from discovering their secret. Man, changing the future is exhausting.

Image: FOX