Rashida Breaks Down In This 'Are You The One' Clip

It's only two episodes in and I'm already totally obsessed with Are You The One? Season 3, and in case you missed it, this season, MTV's reality dating show is raising the stakes with a serious twist. Like in previous seasons, the cast gets a $1 million prize if they manage to find all of their matches, but this time, there's a catch. Each time they get a total blackout during a match ceremony (meaning they failed to get even one match correct that week), the cast loses $250,000 off the top of their prize. So not only does a failure to match hit them in the hearts, but it also hits them in their wallets. Talk about pressure, right? If you were watching last week's episode, you know that's already happened once, and some cast members are taking it better than others.

In this exclusive clip from this week's episode of AYTO?, Rashida Beach breaks down now that a blackout has actually happened — not just at the thought of losing money, but also because she now knows that Tyler Johnson is not her match. The normally bubbly and optimistic 23-year-old completely freaks out on the kitchen floor until Tyler comes to comfort her, and it seems like she's totally lost in the competition now that the blackout indicated that she and Tyler actually aren't meant to be.

"Honestly, I don't even know how to play this game for love," she says. "The one guy I had a connection with is not my match."

Of course, the fact that Tyler isn't Rashida's match means there's another guy in the house who is — she just hasn't found that particular connection yet. Fingers crossed she does, because I have a feeling meltdowns are contagious in the Are You The One? house.

Image: MTV