Spaghetti Rat Is The New Pizza Rat, God Help Us

Are you OK, New York? A mere week after pizza rat ascended to viral fame for heroically dragging a piece of pizza down the subway stairs, we have apparently dethroned him in favor of spaghetti rat, the "new pizza rat". The video of spaghetti rat is over a year old, but since 2015 is apparently the Year Of The Rat (could we Sheep have, like, one thing?), it is also getting all the internet love that Pizza Rat did. And if nobody else is gonna say it, guys, let is be me: Spaghetti Rat is nothing but a coattail riding, spaghetti-eating copyrat.

Look, I know Spaghetti Rat ate human food on the internet first. I know he's adorable and his name is Baby and we're supposed to be excited for him. But Pizza Rat earned this sh*t. Pizza Rat was a damn pioneer, the literal champion of all your drunk subway eating adventures. What the hell did Spaghetti Rat do? You can plainly see in the video that a human just gave him this food. Are we going to celebrate the privileged rats the system worked in the favor of? Or are we going to celebrate our true whiskered hero, the epitomization of "started from the bottom now we here"?

Anyway, here's Spaghetti Rat, I guess.

Whoa. Wow. You're so cool, Spaghetti Rat. *slow claps*.

Maybe I'm a heartless monster, but you know what? Rats eating Italian food used to mean something on this internet. I don't think my father, inventor of stealing things off of people's plates, would be too happy to hear about this. Still, that hasn't stopped people from reacting to Spaghetti Rat's charms:

If anybody needs me I'll be crying with Chuck E. Cheese, the original Pizza Rat.

Images: YouTube, Giphy