A Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Is Easier To Pull Off — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner had a killer 2015. She turned 18, went public with her boo Tyga, launched one of the most downloaded apps, moved into a mansion, and is rumored to have been working on her long-awaited lip kit. If you're a pop culture junky and costume connoisseur, here's a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume idea, because everyone will give you major props for this amazing getup.

It's hard not to take notice of Kylie Jenner. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner empire, she's arguably the most edgy and unique. Her hair is usually dyed a wild, cool-toned shade of mint or blue, and she's always rocking a full pout and a pointy manicure. Her style is always recognizable and totally her own.

Which is why dressing up as Kylie Jenner this Halloween is an awesome idea. For a little money and even less preparation, you can take home to Pop Culture award at your costume party and keep all the guests laughing and in a selfie-taking mood. Turns out, all you need are some extensions, a giant iPhone, and a sense of humor.

Here's how to create a Kylie Jenner costume that will get you all of the LOLs, high fives, and maybe even a shoutout from Kylie, that is — if you Instagram and mention her.

1. Big Lips

For a while it was "just lip liner" until Jenner copped to having temporary lip fillers. Since then, the overlined lip craze has been taking over the beauty world. Dramatically (and hilariously) overline your lips with this brown, '90s-eque lip pencil for an unforgettable pout.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Spice, $16.50, maccosmetics.com

2. Blue Hair

Kylie rebelliously dyed her hair an ombre blue for Kim Kardashian's wedding, and we all went wild.

Bellami Kylie Hair Kouture Dark Brown Teal Ombre, bellamihair.com

3. A Giant iPhone

Kylie Jenner makes her fame and fortune thanks to Apple's golden child of devices, the iPhone. You can construct a giant iPhone cutout to cart around everywhere you go (incase a selfie opportunity presents itself) or you can just go as Kylie's iPhone by utilizing all the accessories in this list and this giant iPhone Halloween costume tutorial.

4. Killer Klaws

Kylie is notorious for long, almost-scary acrylic nails. They can be coffin or claw shaped, but either way: you're never fully dressed without some nails.

Matte Black Stiletto Press On Nails, $30.00, etsy.com

5. Combat Boots

When Jenner launched her own app and website, a list of black boots was one of her first pieces of content. Clearly, chunky combat boots have a place in her heart.

ASOS REFEREE Flatform Ankle Boots, $98.53, asos.com

6. A Mini Italian Greyhound

Kylie's beloved dog, Norman, is by far the biggest furry star since Kim K.'s kitten, Mercy. Cart around a stuffed toy version of his twin and buddy, Jenna Marbles' dog, Kermie.

Jenna Marbles Kermie Worm Stuffed Animal Squeaker Toy, $8.95, amazon.com

7. A Backpack

(Dolce Girl Quilted Mini Backpack, $75, kohls.com)

She graduated school, but Kylie still has student vibes. Throw an inexpensive backpack over your shoulder and, boom, you're the coolest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Marshall's Blue Backpack, $169.99, marshalls.com