Here's How To "Do" Kylie Jenner For Halloween

While Kendall Jenner has exploded this season as a model, her little sister (and youngest satellite Kardashian) Kylie has been busy cultivating her own unique look — one that you can easily replicate for Halloween, or really any time of year, for that matter. Kylie Jenner's style has taken a turn on the dark side as she has been showing off vampy looks on Instagram, mixed with a little bit of urban, Cali girl chic, thanks to her huge flannels. Not surprisingly, you can dress like Kylie Jenner for Halloween. It's almost as easy as these Halloween makeup looks. Think rich, matte lips, sculpted brows, acrylic nails, oversized flannels, ripped jeans, boots, and more.

So if you want to do something fun and simple for your Halloween costume, and you want to look and dress like Kylie Jenner, she provides plenty of inspo on her IG feed. Here are some quick tips and guides for pulling off a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume of sorts. You can easily shop the Kendall x Kylie collection at Pac Sun for the clothes, but that might be too literal of an interpretation of her look, and you might not want to wear those threads after October 31. That said, Jenner's youthful look doesn't require a lot of effort to recreate. Huzzah!

The makeup:

Urban Decay's Perversion, $35, Amazon; Gorgeous Cosmetics Lashes, $16, Amazon

Here's the quintessential Kylie makeup look, with lots of lashes, arched brows, and pouty, nude, and perfectly painted lips. It's almost anime, and that big wave of hair turns her into a cyclops for a hot minute. But it's actually a perfect example, since it accidentally narrows the focus on how she gets her eyes did. Go with monster lashes with loads of curl and volume Gorgeous Cosmetics Lashes. Don't be shy! Then, add some black liner to the lower waterline — the blacker, the better. I suggest Urban Decay's Perversion. It's the blackest of the black.

To get K. Jenner's exaggerated, overly defined pout, which some haters attribute to an assist from a plastic surgeon, line lips in a shade that's slightly more rosy and a wee bit darker than a nude-pink lipstick shade. Charlotte Tilbury offers a lot of beautiful options. Then paint your pout with a nude shade, like CT's Nude Kate. Finish off the look by defining and filling in brows with an eyebrow pencil.

Charlotte Tilbury Nude-Pink Lipstick, $22, B ergdorf Goodman ; Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate, $32, Net-A-Porter; Giorgio Armani High-Precision Eyebrow Pencil, $30, Sephora

Some of these products might seem a little pricier than your typical Halloween makeup, but don't fret. You will get use out of them even when you are not copying Kylie Jenner. Seriously, you can incorporate each product into your makeup bag and use them daily, making them cost-per-wear investments, not one-and-done Halloween costume castoffs.

The Outfit Inspiration:

Here's another Kylie look. Note the flannel and those claws.

And yet another example where Kylie piles on the plaid.

Wait, one more, which shows Kylie's ability to not only be sexy and vampy, but also a tad grungy.

And one more for good measure, since there's an endless amount of Kylie selfies to choose from for inspiration.

How To Get The Look:

OK, so I valiantly took elements from several of her IG photos to assemble this look that's pretty much instant Kylie. Just add "you."

Since Kylie is Cali or Kali is Kylie, a pair of destroyed jeans shorts are an element of her goth x grunge x urban look. Grab an end-of-season pair.

Denim Shorts, $14, Amazon

Add an oversized flannel and combat boots for a bit of a '90s grunge vibe. Finish with some black lipstick and huge gold hoops, and you pretty much mix a bunch of Kylie Jenner styles in one.

Oversized Flannel, $16, Amazon; Combat boots, $30, Amazon; Black Lipstick, $4, Amazon

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (4); Polyvore (1)