7 Fabulous New Year's Eve Outfits for Any Type of Party

Got plans for New Year's Eve yet? I KNOW ME NEITHER. Better start sidling up to your frenemy who's throwing a huge bash in her reclaimed barn "studio" (One Direction is rumored to perform), lest you want to be drinking champagne in your bathtub, alone, come 12:01 AM on January 1, 2014.

Or maybe a solo champagne date is exactly what you're craving after a 2013 filled with social media saturation, FOMO-induced over-scheduling, and late nights at your supposedly "laid-back" office. Whatever your plans for December 31, 2013, we've got an outfit recommendation for you. Accessorize with a bottle of something sparkling, a lot of flashy rings, and a preternaturally 2014 attitude.

For the romantic night out

For dinner at 10, dancing at 11, and kisses at midnight, go for something dreamy and flowing, with just a touch of sparkle. And as for color, nothing whispers romance more than a blush-colored frock… except for maybe a glass of pink champagne and truffle fries.

Touch-of-Glam Shift Dress, $27.80, forever21.com

For the girls' night out

The way we see it, if you’re hitting the town with your girlfriends, you have two options: some totally crazy sequin-encrusted piece of '80s memorabilia, or a sparkly crop top paired with a brightly colored maxi skirt. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns — the guys won’t get it, but you know your girls will.

Asos Petite Exclusive Sequin Crop Top, $36.30, asos.com

For the casual night in with family

Board games around the fireplace? Lazily watching the Times Square Ball Drop as you reminisce about holidays past? Nobody really wants to dress up, but it wouldn’t feel like New Years unless something, somewhere sparkled…

J. Crew Collection Darby Sequin Loafer, $119.99,


For the $150-a-ticket club party

You paid good money for that all-you-can-drink ticket and you demand your money’s worth. Stand out from all the other oyster-slurping divas in something short and long-sleeved (whoa).

Lovers + Friends Gracie Dress, $270, freepeople.com

For the artsy loft party

You’re not really sure who’s going to be there, but you’re pretty sure 34 percent of them will be sculptors. Don’t do sequins (those $150-ticket parties are so passé, right?) — instead, shock everyone with a bold print without a sparkle in sight.

Tribal Inspired Shift Dress, $24.80, forever21.com

For the classic cheese-and-champagne gathering

You simply can’t go wrong with a sophisticated all-black jumpsuit. Pile on the sequined accessories or play it straight with '40s waves and red lipstick. You can even throw a vintage leopard faux-fur coat on top of this thing, and you’ll still look like you have health insurance.

Double Mesh Panel Jumpsuit, $15, topshop.com

For the solo hang

It’s just you, your couch, and a box of hazelnut truffles. You’re writing resolutions in your journal and feeling, um, almost ready for whatever 2014 has in store for you. And you need — yes, need — to be enacting this idyllic scene in a pair of sequined sweatpants.

Wayf Crop Sequin Track Pants, $68, nordstrom.com