20 Pieces of Harry Potter Apparel You'll Love

by Amy Sachs

Growing up with Harry Potter was a pretty magical thing. The days were full of long-awaited Hogwarts letters, midnight book releases, and waiting for the next films to come out. Being a Harry Potter fan back then meant dressing up before you went to Barnes & Noble or Borders to pick up your book, then staying up all night to read it, of course. You might have also dressed up to see the movies — it's totally fine, we were all in it together.

But dressing up meant long cloaks and hats, round glasses and drawn on lightning bolt scars. That was pretty much the extent of it, unless you really went all out. Etsy definitely wasn't a thing yet, so all of the costumes and unique attire it gives us today just wasn't an option.

But that's OK, because now, we have a limitless supply of unique Harry Potter shirts. New ways to dress up, new ways to show (and wear) our fandoms proudly. All those kids who dressed up for the films grew up to design amazing Harry Potter apparel for the rest of us, and Etsy is bursting with shirts, pants, and even dog shirts that every Muggle will be dying for.

Here are 20 pieces of Harry Potter apparel you never knew you needed in your life.

Hogwarts Sweatshirt

It's like Disney, but it's Hogwarts. I repeat, DISNEY BUT HOGWARTS. I need this, you need this, we all pretty much need this.

Hogwarts Sweatshirt, $22.00, MuggleMart, Etsy

Gryffindor Quidditch Hoodie

Because "At least no one from Gryffindor had to buy their way in. They got in on pure talent!"

Property of Gryffindor Quidditch Team Hoodie, $24.89, PinochioPrints, Etsy

Deathly Hallows T-shirt

So you can rock your Potter-pride on casual day, of course.

Unisex Deathly Hallows Shirt, $15.99, YomaWear, Etsy

Leviosa Tank Top

Perfect Harry Potter gym attire, because you never know where you might meet a fellow Potterhead!

Leviose Tank Top, $12.99, CarolinaDuckImage, Etsy

Hogwarts Alumni T-Shirt

Because we were Hogwarts Alumni first and foremost.

Hogwarts Alumni T-Shirt, $15.99, YomaWear, Etsy

Triwizard Tournament Tank Top

Whether you put your name in that Goblet or not, you need this tank top in your life.

Triwizard Tournament Tank, $22.00, MyChiClothing, Etsy

Platform 9 3/4 T-shirt

It's simple, it's black and white, and it goes with everything. It's the perfect addition to your closet.

Platform 9 3/4 T-shirt, $16.00, TwoToneTeeTone, Etsy

Harry Potter Socks

These are all you need this winter, really.

Harry Potter Printed Socks, $6.50, LoveAliceLouise, Etsy

Leviosa T-Shirt


Leviosa Shirt, $20.00, JadeTees, Etsy

Expecto Patronum Shirt

Because every Harry Potter fan needs an Expecto Patrnum shirt with a floral stag on it.

Expecto Patronum Shirt, $14.00, TeeGether, Etsy

Dumbledore's Army Baseball Tee

Forever a part of Dumbledore's Army, and this shirt is the perfect way of showing it!

Dumbledore's Army Shirt, $15.00, DeeJinDesign, Etsy

Team Malfoy T-Shirt

If you're Team Malfoy and proud, this one's for you.

Team Malfor Shirt, $15.00, Pennapa8899, Etsy

Animagus Dog Shirt

Your furry friends need some Potter paraphernalia, too! Also, this one glows in the dark, like magic.

Really An Animagus Dog Shirt, $15.00, EmmyBelleDesigns, Etsy

Harry Potter Illustrated Dress

This handmade dress is covered in the classic Harry Potter illustrations, and will definitely make you stand out, even among fellow Potter fans!

Harry Potter Dress, $40.00, LynnsRags, Etsy

Mischief Managed T-Shirt

You might not have a Marauder's Map to whisper into, but you can get the job done with this shirt!

Mischief Managed Shirt, $16.00, AppleSmileTee, Etsy

Horcrux Tank Top

If you thought a Harry Potter/Disney crossover was the best thing that could happen, think again. This Mean Girls meets Harry Potter tank top is actual magic.

Boo, You Horcrux Tank Top, $26.00, Handsfullfullheart, Etsy

Hogwarts House Yoga Pants

Customizable to whichever Hogwarts House you're in, these are the perfect lounging around and reading pants!

Hogwarts House Yoga Pants, $40.00, FanFash, Etsy

"R" Sweater

THE "R" sweater, just like the one Molly makes for all the Weasley kids! It's the closest we will ever come to feeling like a part of the Weasley clan.

Custom R Sweater, $115.00, SewEcological, Etsy

Magic Spells T-Shirt

From simple spells to the Killing Curse, every magical spell is covered on this handy t-shirt!

Magic Spells shirt, $16.00, AppleSmileTee, Etsy

He Who Has Just Been Named Onesie

This might be the most adorable thing you'll see today (OK, it definitely is!) Start them out young, they'll get it someday.

Harry Potter Onesie, $14.00, RBClothingCo, Etsy

Image: YomaWear/Etsy