Gigi's Past Could Be A Clue On 'Scream Queens'

When Scream Queens premiered, I fully expected the mysterious bathtub baby to be a foil for who the red devil truly is. I even thought that maybe the red devil and bathtub baby weren't connected at all. Now, I don't know what the "fresh hell" to think, but one thing I'm almost certain of is that the national representative for the sorority, Gigi, is connected to the bathtub baby on Scream Queens . Because it is very possible that Gigi is hiding the fact that she was at the Kappa house when the baby was born.

Ryan Murphy is king of throwing in twists and turns throughout his television series, but I think I've figured out one of his hidden clues, nailing down why Gigi is at the Kappa house at the same time as the killer. We don't know much about Gigi, but we do know that she is the Kappa national president who is on campus to make sure the Kappas don't do anything else immoral/ disrespectful/ worthy of termination on campus. But maybe this isn't the first time Gigi has been on campus, or even in this chapter of Kappa. Maybe, she went to school at the same university, and was present for one of the more defining moments in Kappa history... the bathtub tragedy.

Here are the clues that might explain that Gigi is connected to the baby.

The Baby Was Born In 1995

We know, for a fact, that the Kappa house baby was born in 1995 from flashbacks in the premiere episode. The baby was born to a Kappa sister, who died giving birth. The sisters, and Dean Munch, covered up her death. One big mystery this season is who is the baby. But what if the real question is who knew about the baby?

Gigi Experienced A Traumatic Event In The '90s

Gigi explained in the first episode that she is stuck living in the '90s because of a traumatic event she experienced from back then. Could that traumatic experience be the fact that she witnessed one of her sorority sisters die giving birth, and then covered it up?

She Has Even Referenced 1995

In the premiere episode, Gigi meets Wes, Grace's dad, after he has parked his car outside the Kappa house to watch over his daughter. While in the car, Wes plays some throwback tunes, "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" to be exact. Gigi asks if the songs he is playing are "all male power ballads from, like, 1995?" Weird, isn't it, that she would say 1995. The song playing is from 1996, so maybe Gigi's mind is stuck in the 1995 year — when the baby was born — and she didn't even realize she was referencing it.

It Could Connect Her To The Red Devil

If she was in the Kappa house when the baby was born, maybe Gigi doesn't know what happened in her past. But maybe she does. And maybe she — and the red devil — are teaming up to seek revenge on what happened back then. She might be so affected from the trauma back then that it might have caused her to help a serial killer. Strange how the red devil couldn't kill her, right?

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