Your Long-Distance Relationship Needs This Sex Toy

Although once upon a time sex toys, vibrators especially, were something that people mostly did solo, with the invention of more exciting toys, all of that is changing. We-Vibe, most notably, has been at the forefront of creating vibrators that are specifically geared toward not just couples, but couples who are doing the LDR thing. Because being in a long-distance relationship is far from easy, We-Vibe has introduced a whole new design for their We-Connect app; the one and only sex toy app that links couples together, sexually speaking, either across the room or across the world.

As someone who has been in more than a few LDRs, my mind was blown when We-Vibe first introduced the We-Vibe 4 Plus. With a fiancé in Paris and me in New York City, it was exactly what we needed to keep our sex life alive and well. Skype is great and all, but once you throw a vibrator into the mix AND give your partner the ability to participate in the vibration levels or intensity, then it’s a whole new game and a very fun one at that. And while it works great when you’re apart, it works just as good when you’re together, too, as in physically together because the We-Vibe 4 Plus can be used during intercourse, too.

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The new redesigned We-Connect app is currently compatible with the We-Vibe 4 Plus and the We-Vibe Classic. So if you’re in a long-distance relationship (or not!), you owe it to yourself and your partner to download the We-Connect app and get to business. Here are six reasons why every single one of you in an LDR need this sex toy app and a We-Vibe to go with it.

1. It Connects You Physically And Mentally

Sure, talking dirty to your beloved on the phone is a blast and a half, and even doing so while masturbating it great too, but with We-Connect you’re actually connected on a physical level. The new enhanced Bluetooth technology provides for even greater connection, and with your partner’s fingers on the app and either the We-Vibe Plus 4 or Classic down your skivvies, it’s a level of connection that talking on the phone just can’t provide.

2. You Get To Share Control

One of the aspects of We-Connect that I love is the ability to give my partner the control. From anywhere in the world, your partner can have control over your vibrator or, if that’s not your thing, you can control them while they control you. It’s great for those who like to indulge in being dominated or dominating ― it’s just the technological LDR version of it.

3. It’s A Fun Way To Tease

In sharing the controls of We-Connect, you and your partner get to tease each other while you experiment with vibration techniques and levels. It’s all right there in the palm of your hand, for both you and your partner, to easily access. Teasing, in case you haven't been in an LDR, really keeps you both on your toes.

4. You Get To See And Hear Each Other While Playing

One the major bonuses of the new We-Connect is that while you’re having all this fun, you can to see your partner at the same time. The app allows for voice, chat, and video access to your partner, so you’re not just connected through the use of the toy, but can see each other’s lovely faces, too. It's almost like they're right there! Almost.

5. It’s The Ultimate Foreplay

If there’s anything to be learned from being in an LDR, it’s that when you’re finally together again, the sex is amazing. You’ve had all that time apart, all those dirty chats, talked about all those kinky scenarios, and then you finally get to put them into play.

We-Connect, in all its technological advances, allows for an even greater level of foreplay, because you’re playing with each other in a more intimate manner than ever before while you’re apart. There’s a good chance you probably won’t even make it out of the airport parking lot before jumping each other.

6. It Will Expand Your Sexual Horizons

Whenever we step outside of our comfort zone, sexually speaking, we get a chance to explore new avenues of pleasure. We-Connect, because it does offer another brand of sexual fun with your partner and through a new medium, opens up the door to other possibilities. It also, for those of you who need to work on your communication, starts a dialogue about your sexual desires and needs. The best sex comes when both partners know what the other one wants and know how to give it to them.

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