Some 'Laguna Beach' Stars Reunited For A Wedding

Ready to feel old? Yet another Laguna Beach cast member has grown up and gotten married. Over the weekend, Taylor Cole married longtime boyfriend Kevin Simshauser in La Quinta, California, and the wedding photos prove it's every bit what you'd expect from someone who grew up in Orange County. Thanks to the pics Cole and her new husband have shared on Instagram, we know there were palm trees, flower crowns, and plenty of happiness all around — and Cole looked absolutely gorgeous in her Jenny Packham dress. And while it doesn't look like Lauren Conrad or Stephen Colletti were in attendance, some of Cole's Laguna Beach castmates were actually in her bridal party! See? Some people do stay friends after reality show high school.

Yup, both Morgan Souders and Alex Murrel were two of Cole's bridesmaids, staging a mini-Laguna Beach reunion in the process... and I'm a little bummed it wasn't filmed for those of us who were completely obsessed with the show to bathe in nostalgia over. I need to know if their TV days are still something they all talk about on a regular basis. Since, you know, I'd definitely bring up "that time we were all on MTV" just about every time I saw my friends — or strangers on the street — if I were them.

And if you were as wrapped up in the LC/Stephen/Kristen love triangle as I was back then and are having trouble placing these women as part of the cast, you might need a quick refresher. Cole, Souders, and Murrel might not have been as front-and-center as Conrad was, but they were just as important to the (probably fictional) plot of the show.

Taylor Cole

Cole was first introduced to Laguna Beachin Season 2 when Kristen Cavallari took the reigns over from Conrad as narrator. The bride was just as gorgeous in her high school days as she is now. And these days? Aside from being a brand new wife, Cole also runs her own photography business, Taylor Cole Photo, and she's actually really talented.

Alex Murrel

You probably know her best as Alex M., and she was the one who always brought the drama... especially where the Jessica/Jason plot was concerned. Last year, she married Kyle Mark Johnson, and according to her Instagram, she now works for MOX Agency as a director of media.

Morgan Souders

Wherever Murrel and Cole were on Laguna Beach, Souders was definitely sure to follow — and that hasn't changed years later. Like Murrel, she also works at MOX Agency, and obviously, she's still BFFs with her high school besties.

Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that at least some of the relationships on Laguna Beach were real? Congrats to the happy couple — and her forever friends!

Images: MTV (4)