How To Stream 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' Online So You Don't Miss Out On Any Terrifying Moments

I don't know about you, but my favorite Nickelodeon show was always Are You Afraid Of The Dark? I have always been a fan of scary stories, movies, and books so this show was perfect for me as a kid. Not to mention, Ryan Gosling once appeared in one AYAOTD episode, which is enough to make the show legendary. With Nickelodeon rolling out The Splat, its new lineup of shows on TeenNick dedicated to bringing '90s television nostalgia of the highest order, I had to wonder where one could find every episode of this show to marathon at their leisure. So, where can you stream Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Since The Splat lineups are rolling out in groups of five shows and aren't currently being streamed online, you need cable and patience to catch episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? on TV. But, don't fret! As it turns out, there are a couple of ways to watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark? for anyone who wants to marathon at will or doesn't have TeenNick in their cable package. Amazon Instant and iTunes have both made all season's available for $1.99 per episode or $6.99 for a whole season. Not a bad deal! In honor of this awesomeness and to get you in the mood for a nightmare marathon, let's take a quick look back at the absolute scariest Are You Afraid Of The Dark? characters that will still give you the heebies today.

So get out your random sandy substance to toss into the campfire and take a seat. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society....


The Tale Of Characters That Still Make You Pee Your Pants From Are You Afraid Of The Dark?...

1. The Frozen Whiny Kid Ghost

Stop it. This kid just hangs outside your window and repeatedly says, "I'm...cold.". The singsong way he says it used to haunt my dreams. 100 percent not OK. Get a heated blanket and get out of my face, child.

2. The Ghastly Grinner


The stuff that oozes out of his mouth for no discernible reason really grinds my gears. Start carrying around some wet wipes because no one wants to deal with your sputum. Also, you are terrifying and I hate you.

3. The Thing That The Filter Should Have Taken Care Of



4. The Silent Servant aka The Scarecrow From Hell

Did someone make this thing out of dirty diapers and the tears of the innocent? Come on. That "face"? It also steals souls, soooooo...

5. Nosferatu

I mean, I just simply prefer my vampires to look like Robert Pattinson. Those teeth are seriously gnarly. I had the same problem and a night guard did wonders. Consult a dentist.

6. Zeebo, The Clown That Will Ruin You

Clowns. There's not much more to say. This one just happens to rise above the ranks by chain smoking cigars and dying in a fun house.

7. The Zeebo Kid

The kid in the Zeebo episode who thought he was a tough guy and bullied his "friend." Who else wanted to punch that kid right in his dumb face? What a turd.

8. Beth

Beth was the ghost of a mute girl who was locked away in her room. *Shivers*

I mean, I don't want to meet these guys again, but I do want to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark online, so I guess it's just part of the deal!

Images: Giphy (3); Screengrab/Nickelodeon (7)