Easy Amy Poehler & Tina Fey In 'Sisters' Costume Ideas That Are Perfect For A BFF Halloween

If you and your gal pal want to show off your BFF status to everyone this Halloween, it only makes sense that you would have costumes that would coordinate and complement one another. But it can be tough trying to decide on the perfect outfit. And sometimes you find yourself in a pinch with limited options right before the big day. That's why you should go as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey from their upcoming movie Sisters for Halloween.

Think about it. Poehler and Fey are pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to defining #friendshipgoals. They are both smart, hilarious, and seem like a blast to be around. You might wonder, why not just be Poehler and Fey as themselves for Halloween? And that is a totally legitimate option. But, if you add the additional layer of going as Poehler and Fey as characters, you will without question up the ante. After all, fewer people will go as the two in character, and everything is a little more fun when there is a persona involved, so you and your galentine will be ahead of the curve with your costumes. And isn't that one of the main points of Halloween (other than scaring people, of course)? Plus, these looks are incredibly easy to pull together quickly. Who could argue with that?

Option #1: A Splash Of Color

Try this wacky throwback look on for size! For Tina, pick up any brightly colored neon sweater or jacket, preferably '80s inspired, like this suit on Amazon ($23.54-$30).

For Amy, this is a wonderful excuse to pick up a shirt that has a bunch of bicycles printed on it, like this one on Amazon ($4.05-$13.50). It can be paired with any jeans — preferably light wash.

Don't forget to grab a ponytail holder to swoop your hair off to the side, as the ladies themselves helpfully demonstrate for everyone.

Option #2: Ready To Party?

This is certainly a bolder look. But then again, Amy and Tina are obviously feeling bold while preparing for their last big house party in their childhood home!

For Tina's look, you can complete the top part of your outfit with a leopard bikini top, like the one from this swimwear set, sold on Amazon ($6.89-$17.89).

And for the bottom half of Tina's outfit, look no further than an option like this high-waisted black skirt, sold on Amazon ($14.77-$14.91).

Much like Tina's top half, you can replicate Amy's top half by using the top of a purple bikini, like this one on Amazon ($8.99).

And for Amy's bottom half, you'll want to seek out a pleated skirt with suspenders attached to it, like this one on Amazon ($13.79).

Option #3: Get This Party Started

This one is sure to make you and your BFF reminisce about the good old college days, as I'm certain Amy and Tina will in this movie.

For Tina, opt for a gold shimmery number, like this tank on Amazon ($16.90).

And for Amy, pick up an equally shiny but black straps top, like this one on Amazon ($25.47).

You can pair these "going out tops" with any pants or jeans. Tousle your hair a bit, put a touch of a smoky eye on, and maybe add a signature red cup to your look for an accessory. You'll be good to go.

Happy "Sister"-hood!

Images: Universal Pictures (4); Amazon (8)