How To Go As Awesome Lady Friendship For Halloween

Are you and your ride-or-die in the market for the BFF costume to rule Instagram on Halloween? Then look to one of Hollywood's most playful and enduring professional bonds for inspiration: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Doing Halloween costumes of these ladies would be like the outfit equivalent of female friendship itself. Poehler and Fey met doing improv at the famous Second City theater in Chicago back in the early '90s; their relationship has only grown stronger as they've made names for themselves in the industry as individuals, and, when the world is very blessed, together. Be honest: you and your costume buddy have already had lengthy discussions about which member of Fey/Poehler 2016 you are. Oct 31 gives you the perfect excuse to take your hero worship to the next level. Pulling together a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler couples costume is a cinch, and the ladies' frequent collaborations mean that you've got various eras of perfection from which to choose.

How about O.G. SNL Fey and Poehler, from behind the Update desk? Or the girls as unlikely friends Kate and Angie in the 2008 comedy Baby Mama? Looking to go formal? They’ve hosted the Golden Globes together three times and made several fierce wardrobe challenges during each ceremony. (Wearing heels on this holiday is a "level-up" achievement anyway.) Whichever era you choose, I've got some quick tips for finding your best Amy and Tina selves this Halloween.

Weekend Update Tina & Amy

The wardrobe for this era of the comediennes is one and done. Scan department store sale sections for a good deal on a traditional pantsuit: black or navy for Tina; charcoal or dove gray for Amy. This Tahari set is available at Macy's, and if it doubles as an interview suit, you can put it on the parents' "emergency" credit card.

Tahari Set, $75, Macys

Next, Tina will need her signature black-framed glasses. This clear lens pair from Overstock.com is a close match.

Clear Lens Pair, $16, Overstock

Stock by an office supply store to stock up on #2 pencils and some papers to rifle through, and you're all set to go live!

Baby Mama Tina & Amy

The piece de resistance is obvious for this one. One of you is going to need a fake belly, like the kind the dad straps onto his teenage daughters before their go out and socialize in 10 Things I Hate About You. The bump below is available at Target. Alternatively, this is an amazing way to use what an already preggers friend has going for her.

Womens Pregnant Belly Costume, $14, Target

Now, clothing: for responsible Kate, think pencil skirts and cardigans in dark colors, like this basic navy piece from Modcloth ($40). For Angie, it's all about yoga pants or denim capris paired with a graphic tee. Be advised: nothing literary or ironic will do. I like this donut-themed top from Modcloth for Angie ($35). She donut care either.

Golden Globes Tina & Amy

Throwing all thoughts of comfort to the wind this year? I'm already proud of you for going this route. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be the first women to tell you that it takes a village of stylists and sweat-moppers to get just one famous person ready for a Golden Globe red carpet, so going it alone takes some guts. I believe in you two.

First, choose the formalwear pairing that you want to mimic. I wouldn't mix and match looks; people will be more likely to recognize you as a pair if you keep your pieces to the ones the ladies wore on stage together. This maroon gown from Dressale.com ($95) for example, could be paired with this teal gown from Lulus ($43) to re-create the look in the gif above.

Teal Gown, $27, Lulus

Other amazing outfit combos to look out for include: Poehler's grape deep-v gown with statement necklace and Fey's beaded black and white; Fey's layered floral sheath next to Poehler's glitzy black; and, my personal favorite, Poehler's navy and black butterfly breastplate with Fey's artfully undone femme-tux.

Regardless of the chosen look, you'll need a trophy or two. (Not that either of these women have won enough of them.) Aliexpress has a replica Golden Globe for $259, but I'm guessing you'd rather pick-up a plastic little league trophy from a yard sale and pretend its your Best Actress In A Television Series — Comedy award. Trust me, no one will care.

Now get out there and have some fun, ladies.

Images: Giphy (3); Macys, Overstock, Target, Modcloth, Lulu's