Will Damon Get A Love Interest On 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 7? This Bad Boy Probably Won't Stay Single Forever

When you've been rooting for a TV power couple for so long, it's hard time imagine when half of that dynamic is taken away. But that's precisely fans will be getting a taste of once The Vampire Diaries Season 7 premieres. Now that Elena is out cold for at least 60-plus years, our favorite bad boy Salvatore will be back to living the single life, which means it's only a matter of time until Damon gets a new TVD love interest. Now, granted, I don't think this is something that will happen immediately, per se, and I doubt it's the type of thing hardcore Delena lovers (like myself) want to hear so soon after Elena's departure. But when you have an actor like the Smolderholder at your disposal, expecting his character to remain celibate throughout the rest of the series just isn't all that realistic. (We need our shirtless Damon scenes, people!)

Even Ian Somerhalder himself admitted during this year's San Diego Comic-Con that Damon wouldn't be sitting on the sidelines when it comes to romantic pursuits. "Monk, my ass!," the actor quipped. "It's the old f*cking Damon, the Damon we fell in love with... that sexy, volatile, fun, dangerous [Damon]. I'm bringing it back." So whether you're a fan of this concept or not, there's definitely going to be someone (perhaps even a few someones) who will catch this Salvatore's eye. But given that this is a somewhat tender subject matter, I thought it'd be best to break down the positives and negatives of this post-Delena world with a helpful pro/con list.

PRO: He Can Return To Former Bad Boy Glory

Just because Damon may or may not be hooking up with someone in the future doesn't mean he'll necessarily fall head over heels for her like he did with Elena, which means Mystic Falls' former Bad Boy can get back up to his old tricks. And if that just so happens to include dancing shirtless around the Salvatore mansion, then so be it.

CON: It Could Taint Our Image Of Delena

Then again, if Damon does end up falling hard for someone again, it could eventually make his epic love with Elena seem, well, less epic. So give him a romantic companion if you must, writers, but don't try to raise it to the level of Delena-greatness. (That is, unless you want a TVD fan uprising on your hands.)

PRO: It Would Mean More Steamy Sex Scenes

As much as we all still desperately want Damon and Elena to be together, we also have a deep-rooted desire to see Damon shirtless as much as humanly (or supernaturally) possible. And the only way to do that is by giving him a new female companion to pursue. So, sorry, folks, but if I had to choose between a fully-clothed, celibate Damon or a shirtless chick-magnet, I'm going to go with the no-clothing option every time.

CON: There'd Be Less Time For Brotherly Love

One of the biggest things I'm looking forward to this season is the fact that it's supposed to focus heavily on the relationship between the Salvatore brothers. Because make no mistake, their bromantic brotherhood is one of the show's greatest strengths and something I want to see fully explored. If Damon gets a new girl, then it could pull focus from that key concept, which is something I'm not willing to sacrifice.

PRO: Did I Mention The Whole Shirtless Thing?

Because really that point can't be stressed enough. I rest my case.

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