‘Sex And The City’ Group Halloween Costumes That’ll Help You Channel Your Inner Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Or Miranda

Admit it — at some point in your life, you wanted to be just like Carrie Bradshaw. Many girls dream of stepping into the Sex and the City character's Manolos, even if just for a moment. Luckily, this Halloween you can be Carrie, thanks to this handy guide to assembling your group's Sex and the City costumes.

The four friends had very distinct personalities, which means that they have four very distinct ways of dressing. Carrie was the fashion-forward maven who broke every style rule in the book. She launched a thousand trends and looked high-fashion doing it. Samantha Jones, on the other hand, is ultra-confident and dresses accordingly. From daring shirts to bright colors, she isn't afraid of a little attention. As a lawyer, Miranda Hobbes has the most traditional office dress code, so we often saw her in some combination of suit-wear. However, she was also a mom (and who can forget her skinny jeans moment!), so there's a lot of ways to interpret her look. Charlotte York is the classic beauty who sticks with timeless styles. The clean-cut look is best for her.

In case you need helping finding the perfect pieces for your group Sex and the City costume, you can check out character breakdowns below.

1. Carrie Bradshaw

Of course, the go-to Carrie look is from the opening credits. You can channel the current midi trend while also dressing like Ms. Bradshaw, thanks to this tulle midi skirt from Charlotte Russe.

For the top half of the outfit, you can pick up a light pink slub tank from Target.

They may not be Manolos, but these Steve Madden Stecy Two-Piece Sandals from Macy's have Carrie's name all over them.

Steve Madden Two-Piece Sandal Heels, $80, Macys

2. Samantha Jones

Channel your inner Samantha with this daring red Ruched Strappy Back Dress from Forever 21. Don't forget to drop a wink every now and then.

3. Miranda Hobbes

In later seasons, Miranda embraced color and more form-fitting outfits, like this Colorblock Scuba Midi Dress from New York & Company.

Colorblock Scuba Midi Dress, $14, New York & Company

4. Charlotte York

Charlotte keeps things conservative, so a sweater and skirt are the perfect combo for this costume. This Cropped Cashmere Sweater from Ann Taylor will keep you warm as you channel the Upper East Side princess.

Finish off the look with a classic Flowy Sweater Skirt from Ann Taylor.

Now go treat yourself to a cosmo and have a fun Halloween!

Images: HBO (screenshot) (4); Charlotte Russe; Target; Macy's; Forever 21; New York & Company; Ann Taylor