Naomi Campbell's 'AHS' Episode Is Near

Naomi Campbell is a living legend, and she's about to catwalk her iconic self right onto your TV screens in American Horror Story: Hotel. The supermodel and activist is guest-starring on Ryan Murphy's dark, delicious thriller this season, and Campbell is playing a nemesis to Lady Gaga's character of the Countess, a socialite with murderous intentions who vants to drink your blood. But when will Campbell be on the show? According to IDMb, it won't be long now: the cast for the second episode AHS: Hotel includes Campbell's name, so mark down the premiere of "Chutes And Ladders" in your calendar.

Unfortunately, Murphy hasn't confirmed if that's true, but maybe just get Wednesday, October 14 all blocked out now, just in case. As for the episode itself, the supermodel's character, Claudia Bankson, shouldn't be hard for her to slip into: Campbell will be playing a "fashion editor who pays the ultimate price for her critiques" — so she's on the fast train to murder town. Or, I should say, she's checking in... but she's not checking out. (Part of me feels like Murphy did AHS: Hotel just so writers could use that phrase with aplomb). Campbell also hasn't tweeted anything hinting when she will first appear, and there aren't clues on her Instagram, either. Drat.

Campbell will also reportedly have scenes with Angela Bassett, who will be playing Ramona Royale — a famous actress who once had romantic ties with the Countess. Maybe Ramona and Claudia will form an alliance against Gaga's countess? And maybe, as the episode's title suggests, someone will get pushed down a ladder? And even though apparently the Countess and Claudia will be going "head to head" as enemies on Hotel, don't worry: the two stars are friends IRL.

Curiously, Campbell isn't credited for any of the other episodes listed on IMDb, though she is supposed to have a multi-episode arc. But Murphy is full of surprises — after all, he's still toying with fans' hearts about Jessica Lange possibly making a cameo this season. So we can't really take any of this information at face value, I'm afraid.

Still, I can't wait to see what's in store for Campbell next week when she stops into the haunted Hotel Cortez — even though I'm pretty sure what's in store for her is murder