Watch Demi's Latest "Confident" Video Teaser

by Alex Kritselis

Get your popcorn ready, Lovatics: Demi Lovato's "Confident" music video premieres on Friday. The 23-year-old star continued to tease the upcoming visual on Tuesday afternoon, posting another brief preview on Instagram. Thanks to the footage Lovato shared on Monday, everybody knows the "Confident" vid is going to be an action-packed (and empowering) affair... but did you have any idea that it's going to be the next great dystopian YA movie? OK, OK, I'm just kidding around — but this latest clip does remind me a lot of Divergent... and of The Hunger Games... and of The Maze Runner. Yes, Lovato definitely drew some inspiration from those popular films (or ones like them).

When the preview begins, Lovato is sitting in a dark interrogation room with a sinister-looking man in a suit. He looms over her. Suddenly, we see the man stamp something on the singer's wrist, and she's quickly dragged away to a dingy prison cell. More sinister-looking men in suits are shown standing in a group together before the screen fades to black. Such drama! Such intrigue! We don't know much about the "Confident" music video's plot (I'm guessing Lovato wants to retain some element of surprise), but I have a few predictions floating around in my head. Check out the new preview below.

OK, so I'm thinking the "Confident" video takes place in the future, right? The country has been taken over by a tyrannical government (think The Capitol from The Hunger Games series), and people have lost all hope. Everyone's spirit has been completely crushed... except Lovato's. You know she's too much of a badass to let that happen! So, she decides to lead an uprising against the nation's unjust rulers. At some point, she winds up in prison, but she easily escapes. In the end, the rebel citizens are victorious, and Lovato teaches everybody how to feel truly confident (that's the name of the song, remember?) again. All is right with the world. The end.

Yeah, something like that.

Personally, I would've been happy with a three-and-a-half-minute clip of Lovato struttin' around being fabulous, but I guess this whole dystopian action movie thing is cool, too. Let's face it, we're livin' in a post-"Bad Blood" world, and a series of glamour shots masquerading as a music video just isn't going to cut it anymore. When it comes to music videos these days, pop stars gotta go big, or go home. Hopefully, Lovato will deliver.

"Confident" (the song) is available on iTunes and Spotify now. Confident (the album) is due out on Oct. 16.

Image: MarriottRewards/Twitter